Get style success secrets for your second act

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Are You Hiding Out Instead of Standing Out?

Let me show you how beautiful you really are!

Attention: all you amazing, gorgeous, talented women building your businesses and careers! Imagine having more confidence and what it would do for your personal and professional life.

Or, better yet, imagine what it would be like to have a fashion stylist whispering in your ear whenever you go shopping.

If you are interested in learning more about color, style, and proportions, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you will know exactly what to wear that will empower you to get out and market your business and expertise with confidence and personality.

Women, as they age, become wiser, even more beautiful and talented. We can all lead lives
that are infinitely enriched; all we need is a little inspiration and the know-how.

That’s what you’ll find here — a little style inspiration and know-how.

The self-doubt you feel about the way you look is not going to get you where you want to be. I will teach you how to reflect your INNER beauty on the OUTSIDE. Your second act is the perfect time to get it right and allow the real you to show up and shine.

I’ve developed Step Up and Stand Out to help women over fifty who are ready to rock their second act careers by overcoming their fear of visibility and Getting Out Instead of Hiding Out.

You are just 4 steps away from an EMPOWERED IMAGE for your second act

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Linda, you are an extraordinarily warm and talented woman doing important work. I wish your work could be incorporated into our basic educational system — the world would be a better place.
Anne Denman, California
I want to let you know how much I enjoyed and appreciated the time and effort you put into helping me choose the correct colors and styles. I now feel “put together” when I leave the house. Actually, I even feel more confident!
Catherine Bianchini, California
Working with Linda was such a fun and educational experience. As a mother of a busy 2 year old, I have little time for hair and makeup and even less time for shopping. I desparately needed a wardrobe overhaul. I’m no longer overwhelmed by my closet in the morning and no longer reach for the same jeans and sweatshirt when heading out the door.
Julia Cabreros, California
I’ve shrunk down to ½ of my size and am now looking at building a new wardrobe over the next year now that I am at my goal weight. I have questions about color schemes, fashion choices, etc. I appreciate your help building a professional wardrobe for my new body shape.
Sondra Ahlen, California
Linda said that by wearing your true colors, you’re being true to yourself, and by dressing the part, you’re signaling who you really are the moment you walk into a room. I had my doubts. But when I tried on the combinations Linda magically assembled from my own closet, I became a believer. I was astonished at the feedback I got from people I know, not to mention perfect strangers. Even when I look in the mirror, I see myself emerge more than ever before. What can I say but I’m a believer in Linda Waldon!
Kathryn Rogers, California

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