Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season, and are going to have a healthy, blessed, and joyful 2019. My wish for you is that you are energized, focused, and ready to take on a goal or dream that excites you, and that any challenges you’re presented with are handled with ease and determination.

This is a wonderful opportunity to look back at your accomplishments, happy moments, events that delighted you and things you wish you had done differently. All you can do is look forward and move into the new year with hopes and dreams. There is no going back. Put 2018 behind you, in the rear view mirror.

That includes your wardrobe. Whatever you bought is over and done. Whatever money you spent is gone. If you’re unhappy with your closet, this is the time to do something about it. I’m offering a FREE WEBINAR on January 23rd that will give you some steps to purge your closet.

If you’re ready to change your look or your health, this is perfect time to make a plan. This year can be different! You can choose to make better food choices and get your body moving toward better health. You can choose to make better clothing purchases, learn your best colors and styles and only buy pieces that you love, love, love. You are the star of your own movie! You should be dressing the part!

Every year I create a vision board for the coming year, and I choose a theme for the year. I refer to my vision board daily, and I keep repeating my theme so that I focus on what I want for the year.

What is your theme for the new year?

My theme for 2019 is LEVERAGE and ADVENTURE. I’m looking forward to the adventure of moving to a new state, exploring the beauty of Santa Fe, New Mexico, making new friends, and meeting new style clients. I’m saying yes to adventure! My other theme is what will make the adventures possible. Leverage. I’m putting in place the structure and systems that will allow me to grow the Style Club For Women, and offer more programs and services that women over fifty want and need. Michele Callahan and I have been working hard to create a structure around the Style Club so that we can produce new content, do live weekly calls, build a content library, and welcome new Style Club members, all without reinventing the wheel each time. It’s what will allow me to enjoy my time with members, without the long 10+ hour days. My wish for 2019 is that I welcome new members and new adventures in a sustainable, enjoyable way. I want to play more and worry less…

For the free Style Your Way To Success Over Fifty group, you will be seeing more links to style products and programs. You’re welcome to continue being a free member, posting your selfies and making comments, but I want to offer women who are searching for a way to reinvent their style to get the help they need. Of course, my Style Resource Team is always there to answer your questions, too! I hope they have been able to delight you and provide guidance. And, as always, if a Resource Team member provides you with a link in answer to your question, and you’d like to purchase the item, please use their affiliate link to make your purchase. It doesn’t cost you a penny more, and they will receive a small commission from the online store. This is how they can justify spending time researching and providing clothing, makeup, and other product suggestions for you!

This is also A YEAR OF EXPANSION. I’m expanding the Style Club to address more than style issues. We’re going to address lifestyle issues, too. I’m starting a new “channel” for the Style Club called The Transformation Channel. We’ll have monthly Masterclass seminars, “How I Transformed My Life After 50.” We learn from others who have transformed their lives. These seminars are designed to inspire, educate, and provide resources to attendees. Some of the seminars will offer a Masterclass program to continue working with the speaker after the seminar. I just know that The Transformation Channel will be a catalyst for positive change! If you know of a speaker who has gone through a transformation, or would like to be a speaker, please contact me.