Style is an individual expression of who you are Inside & Outside.

Take my style courses and find your STYLE VOICE!

SELF-GUIDED style courses allow you to enjoy your new style power at your own pace.

For women who are ready STOP HIDING

This is Linda’s flagship 4-Step Style Program that will take you on a style transformation journey

This self-guided style program, Style Your Way To Success In Your Second Act  is designed for women in their second act who are tired of feeling badly about body changes and not knowing what to wear. This course will answer all your questions about how to dress more confidently and effortlessly so you can enjoy life in your second act!

The 4 step program is easy to follow at your own pace, in your own time. You’ll watch a series of videos, use the exercise workbooks to identify your best colors, identify clothes that flatter your body shape, define your signature style, and clean out and organize your wardrobe. When you put outfits together, and have a question, you’ll receive personal style feedback from Stylist, Linda Waldon. This is your opportunity to get your style mojo back!


“I’m really enjoying this class! I’m learning a lot and it’s making me take the time to evaluate what my style is. I want it to be more interesting, and I want my work clothes to be fun, stylish clothes.”

Joanna M.

“This was really fun! Each week got better and better, but this week’s assignment topped all! I lost the light inside me, and now it’s starting to come back. I’m very grateful that the light turned on. “

Joy M.

“This experience has been life changing. When going out I no longer just throw anything on — it is done with thought. Linda is very easy to communicate with, she understands that each one of us is unique and shows ways to wear clothing that flatters, as well as makes us happy.”

Sue M.

“Linda is a true professional and an excellent educator. I am so much more aware of the right style for me after taking this class. The amount of information you receive, along with Linda’s personal guidance, is priceless.”

Maria W.




If all you need right now is color guidance, then Color Me Stylish! is the perfect self-guided program for you. NOTE: If you’ve already taken the 4-Step “Style Success In Your Second Actthis is the same content as Step 1 in that course.

Injecting more color into your wardrobe is fun and life-changing. Break out of your boring, old colors and dress with more color flair and confidence.

Discover the colors that look best on you!


“I took this course to figure out my color palette. What a wonderful experience! When I received what she had put together for me with ideas and examples, I couldn’t wait to get into my closet.”

Barbara B.

“After finishing Color Me Stylish! I wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for doing what you do. After going through illness, weight gain, and having to leave my wonderful career of 24 years, I lost my passion for fashion, and in a sense, my passion for life. You have helped me get my passion back.”

Michele C.

“If you haven’t had your colours done in a while, I would highly recommend this color course.”

Catherine C.

“I highly recommend Linda’s color course. She helped me find my Autumn/Copper color palette and it changed my life. I carry my color fan-deck with me everywhere and always pull it out to show the sales ladies when I go shopping.”

Sondra A.


If all you need right now is more body shape guidance, then Body Confidence is the perfect self-guided program for you. NOTE: If you’ve already taken the 4-Step “Style Success In Your Second Actthis is the same content as Step 2 in that course.

Learn the style tricks used by personal stylists to create harmonious body proportions and flattering silhouettes. It’s not difficult, just takes a little self-knowledge and a few tweaks!

Discover the body you wish you had — it was there all along!


“Like many of us over 50, I have some weight to lose, but I’ve learned to have fun with fashion again and to wear clothes with confidence.”

Janis F.

“I am having more fun with fashion. I am even saving money because I have better knowledge on what works for my body type.”

Kate B.

“This whole process has made me feel more confident about what I wear, and realise I was stuck in a style rut. I am enjoying trying new things. Now I’m choosing colours and styles that detract away from areas that I want to camouflage while at the same time elongating my body.”

Sue M.

“I do find that somehow I am becoming more accepting of how I look now and losing the attitude of “when I lose 20 lbs….when I get a facelift….when I get really in shape…THEN I’ll make an effort.”

Joyce L.




Style is how you put fashion together to express your unique personality.

The more you know yourself, and who you are, the more authentic and comfortable you will be.

The secret to great style is making choices based on what YOU LIKE, not a price tag, or what the fashion industry tells you to like.

NOTE: If you’ve already taken the 4-Step “Style Success In Your Second Actor any of the short courses listed above, this is the same content.

Choose one short course that takes you in an easy, step-by-step manner to identify the styles that feel most authentic to YOU. There are no right or wrong answers here. Just tapping into your intuition, your feelings, and your sense of what looks and feels good on your body!

Discover your unique personal style!


You’ll find each of the 4 courses individually listed here

“Although I am now retired and don’t go out to work, I still like to look stylish every day. I still want to look “hip” but in a more sophisticated, casual, and lady-like way.”

Patricia M.

“I’ve never really thought about my style before, I just knew I felt suffocated by my tailored clothes. Who knew my signature style was Bohemian Chic? I’m making new clothing choices now, and enjoying wearing more flowy styles!”

Marsha B.

“Finally I have a word description for my style preferences. Now I can shop with more focus, and when I go into a store I can tell the boutique owner what styles I like!”

Margaret W.

“This morning I was summoned on short notice to the office. This course taught me the few tweaks I could make to my office outfit that made me feel glorious! I felt feminine and energetic and colorful!”

Marilyn O.

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Linda Waldon, Image Stylist
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