Fall In Love With Your Body Again

Gain Body Confidence!

learn how to dress your shape with clothes that flatter your shape

Isn’t it time to let go of the negative thoughts about your body?

Now that you’re older, you know that your self worth is NOT measured by your weight or body shape. It’s time to let go of the baggage you’ve been carrying around. Remember how you even criticized your 20-year-old body? How silly was THAT?

You deserve to look and feel confident and empowered!

I’ll show you how to own your body confidence by simply changing the way your body appears in clothing. When you get the proportions right, your body looks and feels good!

Love your body and create positive body confidence today by dressing in a way that flatters your shape instead of trying to cover up your shape.

Boosting your body confidence affects your life in so many ways!

  • You deserve to love your body!

  • Be the confident woman you are meant to be

  • Become visible and shift into high gear

  • Create a more flattering wardrobe that makes you happy

  • Embrace the beauty of your body and boost your self-esteem

“Like many of us over 50, I have some weight to lose, but I’ve learned to have fun with fashion again and to wear clothes with confidence. ”

Janis F.

“I am having more fun with fashion. I am even saving money because I have better knowledge on what works for my body type.”

Kate B.

“This whole process has made me feel more confident about what I wear, and realise I was stuck in a style rut. I am enjoying trying new things. Now I’m choosing colours and styles that detract away from areas that I want to camouflage while at the same time elongating my body.”

Sue M.

“I do find that somehow I am becoming more accepting of how I look now and losing the attitude of “when I lose 20 lbs….when I get a facelift….when I get really in shape…THEN I’ll make an effort.”

Joyce L.
what you will learn:
  • Learn to see your body more positively as a work of art

  • Finally know your body shape and the clothes that flatter your shape

  • How to create good proportion and balance with your look

  • Gain insights into what clothing looks best on your body type

  • Release body shame and learn how to fall in love with your body again!

what you will receive:
  • Love My Body! program containing 5 in-depth instructional video lessons

  • Body analyzer quiz that determines your body shape

  • Body Shape Video With Inspiring Outfits

how this works:

Nothing makes you look and feel frumpy faster than wearing baggy or ill-fitting clothes. By wearing clothes that flatter your body shape you will instantly look and feel more confident!

After you complete this fun, informative, and easy to follow program you’ll have the know-how to create a wardrobe you love. As a result, you’ll be able to present yourself in a way that earns immediate credibility and respect, and attract more of what you want in life.

Because I realize all this body shape information can make your head spin, this program includes an inspirational video with outfit ideas for your body shape. It’s set to music and you can play it over and over again to get new ideas to add to your wardrobe!

After you watch the 5 video lessons in Love My Body, you’ll take the body shape analyzer quiz. When you have determined your body shape, you’ll let me know, and I’ll email you a body inspiration video. Then, you’ll be ready to shop your closet and put together outfits in more flattering ways.

Remember, I’m just an email or text away…I’ll be there to support and guide you along your body confidence journey.

NOTE: If you have previously purchased “Love My Body” or attended Linda’s 4-week Style Course, this is the same body shape program so you don’t need to purchase this again. You should still have access to the videos. Contact me at linda@truecolorsbylinda.com if you have questions.

Body Confidence: Fall In Love With Your Body Again!

Love My Body! Regular Price $49
BONUS ADDED: Body Quiz + Body Inspiration Video Value $24

Pay Only $49 For The Entire Body Confidence Program