Spring 2019 Pantone Colors and Fashion

This Princess Blue and Turmeric Orange combination is mouthwatering. Pantone has blessed us with an optimistic and expressive array of empowering colors for spring that provide confidence and spirit. These uplifting colors lend themselves to playful expressionism and take us down a path of creative and unexpected combinations.

What are the Pantone Colors for Spring 2019?

As you know, the fashion industry and Pantone get together every season and select their exciting new colors for their collections. They’ve gotten much better (in my opinion) of choosing something for everyone. This is the fun part of looking to the coming season for the colors and styles you’ll see in the stores! If you’re like many women, we don’t necessarily buy designer fashions due to budget constraints, but the good news is all brands participate in this infusion of new colors and you’ll see these clothes in Marshalls, Dillards, Ross, and other department stores.

Here are some of my favorites to look for. Click on the “Streetwear” pieces that you like, and I may have a link to purchase the garment. Many are from our beloved Target store. These are affiliate links, and if you purchase through the link, it doesn’t cost you any extra, but the company will pay me a small commission. Thank you!

The Runway designer version of Living Coral


The Streetwear version of Living Coral


The Runway designer version of Yellow & Mango

Streetware Aspen Gold & Mango Mojito

Runway designer version of Sweet Lilac

Streetwear version of Sweet Lilac
Runway designer version of Princess Blue

Streetwear version of Princess Blue


Runway designer version of Pepper Stem and Terrarium Moss
Streetwear version of Pepper Stem and Terrarium Moss