Cindy Flake Brown, Mother, Singer, Diver, and Jewelry Stylist

Cindy recently joined Linda’s Style Resource Team. She has been in the jewelry business for over 24 years. She works directly with clients to identify their jewelry needs at parties and events. I’m excited to have her expertise and jewelry pieces to share with our style group!

She told me she experienced self-doubt in the beginning while building her business, but through self-introspection and hard work, she overcame the doubts. Now, she has the confidence to not only put her own special gifts to work, but to recognize the gifts in the women she helps.

Cindy assured me that after she completes some personal projects she will be more present in the group. I can’t wait to see her posts. We are so looking forward to her style and jewelry advice! Here is Cindy’s story…

Let’s begin by telling us a little about yourself.

I’m 62, born in South Bend, Indiana, but moved to Florida when I was two years old, and have lived in Florida since then (other than college). I have a son who lives in Wisconsin with his wife and three kids and the oldest just turned four in September so they have their hands full! Thanks goodness my daughter lives close by with her husband and sweet daughter. She is expecting a son in March.

My beautiful family…and growing!


My daughter and me.

My husband is from Ohio and works at Kennedy Space Center. I worked as a dental assistant when younger, and then was an insurance agent after college.

What’s the quirkiest/most interesting thing about you?

My Dad moved us to Florida so he could open a dive shop. I had a poor relationship with my father growing up, but it did get better when I got older. The most interesting thing about me is probably that he had me scuba diving at four years old. I had my own little dive tank! [Linda’s personal note: Whoa, that’s the coolest thing ever!]

What would we be surprised to learn about you?

I was able to travel quite a bit during high school & college with different singing groups. We went to Canada, Jamaica, Korea & lots of places in the USA. [Linda’s note: Ooh, another singing Style Resource Team member! I’m thinking we should start a singing group]

What is an issue you may have faced at one point in your life that may have affected your confidence, and how did you overcome it?

After I joined Premier, I realized that I had confidence issues probably due to a poor relationship with my father (which, like I said earlier, did improve when I got older). I would take it personally if someone didn’t want to do business with me and I had lots of self doubt that affected my leadership with my team, too. The company founder always said that God didn’t take time to make junk. I was created special with gifts and talents that were unique to me. [Linda’s note: This is such a good lesson for all women to hear…we are all born with special gifts]

What brings you the greatest joy?? What advice would you give a woman who is still searching for her joy?

My joy comes from my relationship with the Lord. I believe our joy is not dependent on circumstances in life but in trusting that God is ultimately in control and using it for our good. I also find joy in time with my precious family which includes 4 grand kids and another one on the way. I also love shopping, traveling, great food and all things fashion.

How would you describe your personal style? How has your personal style changed after fifty?

My style is classic with some dramatic and romantic flair. My friends would probably say that black and white is my signature. I love it with pops of color like red or bright pink. I love all things shiny, such as patent leather purses and bold jewelry!

My style probably hasn’t changed much since I turned 50 other than maybe lowering my heals some. I probably dress up more than most in my Florida town when I am just running errands. My friends think I am dressed up even if I am wearing jeans just because I don’t wear flip flops and tee shirts with them.

Three generations.

My mom would have loved this style group! I learned to love jewelry and stylish clothing from her. She was on a kidney machine for 26 years but she always looked great when she would go out. I remember when she was too tired to try clothes on at the mall she would just take a bunch of them home. She’d try them on and take back what didn’t work.

What is your favorite style trick or tip you’d like to share?

My favorite tip is make sure you are wearing bold jewelry because if they are looking at your statement earrings or necklaces then they aren’t looking at your hips, thighs or wrinkles. Also, if they can’t see it from across the room, then why bother?

Why and when did you get involved with Premier Designs Jewelry? I understand you’ve been with them for 24 years. Tell us what you enjoy about your business.

I got involved in Premier 24 years ago this month! I really wanted to work from home but wanted to pay for my kids to attend the private school at our church. I loved that I could get dressed up a few nights a week, go out and have girl time all while bringing home checks made out to me. I love helping ladies feel pretty again and giving them confidence because they look their best!

I love helping women choose the right accessories

Some ladies can’t afford to buy everything that they love but my company has a great hostess plan so they can earn their wish list free and ½ price by passing a catalog around or hosting a fun event on Facebook or in person. It thrills me when I see them starting to wear clothes that are more flattering. And, when they add pretty jewelry, this is icing on the cake!

I also have a passion to help women with a side hustle to provide extra money for wiggle room in their budget or just fun shopping money. I especially love it when they can build their own business to take back their life and have flexibility to work around their priorities.

I’m so excited you have joined my Style Resource Team! Please tell our members what type of style advice and services you’ll be bringing to our Facebook members.

I’m super excited to be part of the Style Club for Women over 50! I hope to share how you can have less clothes but feel like you have more to wear by using a simple 3 step formula: basic neutrals, add a fashion piece, and then add jewelry (the game changer for your wardrobe).

Also, I will be sharing the latest jewelry styles and how to create optical illusions to look your best. For example, did you know that the V-neckline is the most flattering, but you can create that look with a Y-shape necklace? I’d love to serve you by helping you figure out the best jewelry for your outfits. Just post a picture and tag me. I’d love to help you with a beautiful piece from Premier’s jewelry line but if not, at least you will know what to look for.

Please share an inspirational quote or inspirational story to leave us with.

One of my favorite quotes is, “You are smarter than you think, stronger than you feel and more amazing than you know. You were born to shine.”

What’s the best way for women to get in touch with you?
Text or call me at 321-480-1664