Brrrr… it’s cold in the northern hemisphere and ahhhhh…warm in the southern hemisphere. This is my favorite time of year when I get to layer up with sweaters, vest, coats, scarves and boots! We’re breaking out the warm, fuzzy scarves in colors that light up our faces. Add textured tights underneath a summer plaid dress to create a chic, fun outfit. And the boots…well…those are the best part! Boots are sexy, sturdy, clasic. And boots can be kickass and “kinky” (love the movie Kinky Boots!).

You ladies are showing it all in your posts this month, and it’s quite fun to see how you dress for the winter weather while still looking chic and stylish.

The Holidays Are Upon Us

Happy Holidays everyone! We’re seeing the celebratory family photos, parties, travels, and everyday signs that the season of giving (and receiving) is here. Here are a few of your favorites:

The Style Club For Women Events & Accomplishments

For those of you who joined the Style Club a couple months ago, you know it’s been a whirlwind of fun, learning, and connection! I’m amazed at how many live meetups we’ve had, how many members are participating in the weekly Style Challenges in our Facebook Group, and how much value the Style Resource Team has delivered in their programs for members only. Some of the things we’ve done:

  • 12 Style Q&A Meetings With Linda –

    I answered your style questions, and here’s just a few of the topics:

    • How can I go from FRUMPY to FABULOUS in 5 minutes?
    • I always wear a pattern together with a plain. Can you provide pointers on pattern mixing? (Boy, did we have FUN with this question!)
    • How do I find out what my personal style is?
    • What are some outfits to wear on a cold and rain day?
    • Do you consider linen seasonal wear?
    • How can I incorporate metallics into my outfits?
    • Should we buy shoes in our color palette?
    • Can you help me design a fun, edgy wardrobe?
    • How do I dress my apple shape?

Here’s an example of the fun and interesting conversations we have during Style Q&A Meetings. Click on the video below to listen to a short sample…

10 Weekly Style Challenges in the Style Club Facebook Group

Every week in the Style Club Facebook Group we focus on a style challenge. I select a particular color, piece or style, and everyone posts their outfits. It’s fun and also a great style exercise because it forces you to shop your closet and put together an outfit that exemplifies the challenge.

Some of the style challenges we’ve had are to wear:

  • A skirt
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Vintage
  • Faux leather
  • Black
  • Vintage
  • Edgy
  • Fun
  • Pattern mixing

Here’s a few photos that show examples from the FAUX LEATHER, RED, and SKIRT CHALLENGE. Members love the low-key attitude in the Style Club because if they’re having a busy week they can opt out of the style challenge. If a particular style challenge peaks their interest, they’re IN!

Style Resource Team Programs

Style Club members have free access to programs updated every month by our six resource team members. Here’s a a few examples of  the educational, thought-provoking and confidence-boosting offerings:

Harmonize Your Makeup with Lisa D. Liguori:

  • In the Pink: Cool and Warm Lips
  • I’ve Got Pumpkin To Talk About
  • Skincare Bootcamp: 3-part Video Series

Cynthia’s Curvy Corner Program:

  • YOU In Focus: 4-part Video Program

Beverley Woodworth’s Badass Midlife Upgrade

  • To Diet Or Not To Diet, That Is The Question
  • Beverley’s Midlife Makeover 3-part Video Series