On The Road Again, Chapter 9

During this less hectic escrow period, Robert and I have been able to have fun exploring what Santa Fe has to offer. Mainly, the reason we’re here is to become one with the art community. So, we’re going to art openings. Lots of them! The “Last Friday Art Walk” at the Railyard is a contemporary art experience with all the Santa Fe galleries opening their doors from 5-7pm. There are more galleries than you could possibly visit in one evening, but we’re drinking in as many as we can. Talk about people watching! I enjoy the combination of looking at people and looking at beautiful artworks from Japanese Bamboo Art and the paintings and sculpture.

I can’t help but feel like everyone here is a potential friend, or at least an interesting conversation. I suppose I’ve always felt that way about many of the places I lived in California, but it’s different this time around. Everything is new, fresh, and unfamiliar. I’m excited to meet new people, discover who they are, why they’re here, and what we share in common. Let’s face it, I love people. I love the mystery of getting to know people, peeling back the layers, and hearing their stories. We each have a fascinating story waiting to be told.

What else have I been doing?

My husband and I decided to start going to the gym again. Heck, it’s only been a year since I worked out regularly at a gym! Here we are in a new town and one of the ways to settle into a routine is to join a gym. One day while grocery shopping we noticed a gym in the shopping center, so we decided to check it out. We tried opening the door but it was key-locked for members only. Apparently we made a ruckus trying to open the door, because the manager saw us through the glass and came over to open the door. Little did we know the door next to it was unlocked — embarrassing! Anyway, she gave us a lovely tour of the gym, which had everything we desired, so we went to her office to discuss membership. The first question she asked us was, “What health insurance do you have?” I thought, what difference does that make? But Robert told her we’re on Medicare (yay!). She said, “Oh, well, your membership may be free then.” Free? Did she say free? We were gleefully surprised! Best news of the day — no — best news of the week! Turns out there is a program called Silver Sneakers which is covered by some Medicare Advantage health insurance programs. We happen to have one of the programs that includes Silver Sneakers. I’m spreading the word because, honestly, I didn’t know about it. We’d been spending about $600/year each on gym memberships. So, if you’re over 65, and you like going to a gym, check your insurance!

We’ve gone to the new gym a few times already. So much fun to work out with my husband! We trade off on machines. I won’t be spotting Robert on the barbell weights, though…

Santa Fe Opera

I volunteered at the world-renowned Santa Fe Opera even before we moved here. I’ve never been to the opera, but I’ve always been intrigued. This would be the opportunity to check it out.

There were so many volunteers that they gave me only one opera performance, Youth Night, performing Cosi Fan Tutte. The other day, I asked Robert if he would drive to the Crosby Theater with me so I would be familiar with where to go next month. We put Rita (our Ridgeback) into the car and drove about 7 miles north of Santa Fe. We started going up a narrow, winding road. It was about 7pm so the sun was casting golden shadows on the mountains. When we got to the top of the mountain there were large iron gates leading to the opera parking lot. And the gates were open so we drove in and parked. There were about thirty cars in the parking lot, and we figured they were workers since the opera season was due top begin on June 26th.

There was no one around, not even a security guard, so I suggested we walk around. We walked down a pathway that was lined with picnic tables and beautiful fields of blooming wildflowers. The top of the striking, state-of-the-art, open-air theater was visible.  It beckoned us to keep walking closer. Again, we were alone. I figured it was a matter of time when we’d run into someone.

We discovered the building where the stages are built, and I took a picture of Robert standing in front of his DREAM STUDIO! These roll-up doors were HUGE! Dream big, my husband…

Then, as we turned the corner, there was a vast open-air backstage arena, and we saw people working.

A young woman started walking toward us. She was totally polite, and even apologetic, when she asked us what we were doing there. I told her I was a new volunteer at the opera and was just situating myself, as I had never been to the opera house. Why did I feel like I got caught with my hand in the cookie jar? She didn’t seem to understand why we were there, and asked us again who we were with. I told her we were by ourselves (with our dog) and that we would leave immediately. She thanked us and walked away totally bewildered. That was weird! On our way out of the parking lot we noticed that someone had closed the iron gates. I’m sure the gates were supposed to be closed to visitors, but someone left them open (much to our good fortune!). Next time I go to the opera, it will be packed with thousands of children and their families attending a performance. And I’ll be an usher!

The Challenge of Finding a Dentist, Doctor, Hair Stylist, Compound Pharmacy, Gym, etc.

As anyone who has moved to a new area knows, the biggest challenge (besides finding the house of your dreams) is finding the right medical care and other resources that you need to stay healthy, looking good, and feeling “plugged in.” We are in the process of finding our professional resources. It’s daunting! Yes, we’ve asked our small circle of friends, and even acquaintances, for recommendations. I got lucky with my hair stylist. I’m hoping the rest of these resources reveal themselves when the time is right. In the meantime, I’m in the gym and eating healthy to help my body adapt to this 7,000 foot elevation. So far so good!

Next chapter, the property inspection verdict…