I always say, “Style Is A State Of Mind.” Style is beyond age, size and culture. It’s a harmonious energy expressed through your clothing, footwear and accessories. For some, style is intuitive and artistic, but for others, it’s something that is not obvious, but it can be learned (in the Style Club For Women!).

I want to wish you a stylish and happy 2019 filled with health, happiness and fun fashion adventures. And, in keeping with new year reflections, here are some thoughts on style…

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others. Focus on being the best version of yourself.
  2. Do learn your best colors and wear them every day – especially close to your face!
  3. Don’t take the emotion out of your style choices. The more you dress in harmony with your personality, the better you’ll feel about yourself. Do pay attention to how you feel in an outfit.
  4. Do learn your body shape and determine the look you want to create with clothes. Then you’ll know how to create visual harmony.
  5. Don’t worry about dressing on trend all the time. Your signature style is what’s most important. If a 20-year-old piece still makes you happy and looks great on you, mix it with something current, and enjoy.
  6. Do remember there is no one size, age, or way to be stylish. Think of your body as a work of art and clothing as an art form that is in the eye of the beholder.
  7. Don’t save wardrobe items for special occasions. Mixing dressy with everyday wear keeps it interesting.
  8. Do celebrate your body because it’s an incredible gift that deserves daily care and praise at any size and age.
  9. Don’t wait to reach a goal weight, and do dress the body you have right now.
  10. Do have fun with fashion – don’t take it too seriously. Experiment, laugh a lot, and learn from each outfit. Fashion can build amazing social communities like the Style Club For Women, where you get professional style advice, meet and shop with friends, all while building a beautiful wardrobe.

What are your thoughts about style, your body, and how you feel about fashion as it pertains to your life after fifty?