I created the Style Your Way To Success After Fifty Facebook Group 3.5 years ago (time flies!) and it has grown to almost 14,000 members. It has truly been a labor of love.

When I first started the group I poured many hours into encouraging women to post their fashion selfies because I felt it would be empowering for women over 50 to declare their beauty and be more visible in photos. I also decided to create a promotion-free and conflict-free zone for women so we could focus on sharing love and support for one another, instead of being bombarded with ads and negative “cat fights.”  Over time, our group has become a favorite among women over 50 because we’ve attracted the most wonderful, supportive, stylish women from all over the world!

I work hard to make the group a safe place to share posts and get honest feedback. It takes time to approve members, check on members, make comments, answer questions, and monitor the group in general. If you think running a large Facebook group is a piece of cake, or doesn’t take any time, just ask Michele Callahan or Shelley Zurek, or any other members of the Style Resource Team, and they’ll tell you it’s not true. We spend a lot of time in this group.

I’m going to be honest with you. I’m considering making some changes next year. I don’t know what those changes are, so NOTHING IS CHANGING RIGHT NOW. But, I have to have an income. I don’t have a retirement fund to retire on (long story), so I will continue to work — probably forever. That’s okay, because I love what I do.

I basically let my local style business dwindle as I’ve spent more time online. I reserve Fridays for my local clients. The more time I spend online, the more I love it because I’m connecting with women all over the world under a common umbrella of positive midlife transformations. Anyone who knows me knows that I sleep, eat, and drink my online business. In order to make a living online, I have to design programs that women want to buy. I work every day of the week — ask any entrepreneur how many hours she works. We rarely leave the office! But this is surely a passion of mine. I think you can see it on my face and hear it in my voice. I LOVE WHAT I DO.

I launched the Style Club For Women three months ago because I wanted to offer a way for women to meet and interact in a more personal, direct way. That’s why I’ve incorporated weekly Zoom meetings. Members meet online, chat and learn from each other in a fun, relaxed way. It is meant to be empowering, inspiring and educational. The Style Club offers a deepening level of participation, as well as more personal style guidance and continual learning about everything to do with living powerful lives.

We are going to be touching on topics more than just style next year. I’m developing a series called, “How I Transformed My Life After Fifty,” which will highlight women who have successfully transformed their lives in the area of health, weight, fitness, career, style, finding passion and purpose, and so much more.

The Style Club MEETS YOU AT THE STYLE LEVEL WHERE YOU ARE. In other words, if you’re a full on FASHIONISTA/STYLE DIVA, the Style Club offers a more advanced and refined platform for you to express yourself. Take, for example, Beverley Woodworth and Carolyn Myles. These women were already dialed into their fashionista styles when they joined the Style Club. However, the membership group stretches them to explore their vision of themselves as they experiment beyond the limits of their style expression. It’s thrilling!!

At the other end of the spectrum, the Style Club also supports women who are just beginning to think about their color palette and signature style. I hear over and over again, “Linda, it’s because of YOU that I bought this red coat, and I love wearing it now!” Imagine the joy of discovering new colors that you never thought of wearing, and having fun with fashion again! The journey continues as you learn new ways to dress your body shape that results in a confidence boost you can’t believe! Each step of the way, you are stretched and pulled out of your comfort zone into a new world of self-discovery and self-love. And, as you know, this is something that affects your entire life in a very profound way. The most striking example of this style transformation is our member, Devi Paolillo. Devi had the openness and desire to learn and grow, and as a result, she is glowing with confidence and joy!

The Style Club is designed to meet you wherever you are (Basic Dresser to Fashion Diva) and take you to the next level.  The Style Club has something for everyone.

If it sounds like I’m trying to make a case for the Style Club you’re right! This is where I see my focus for the next ten years. It’s where we can all grow and support each other — it’s about so much more than just fashion. It’s a platform, a community, a safe place to explore new ideas and ways of self-expression as we pro-actively explore what it means to age positively, find your inner power, and live more confidently.

And now I’ve come to the stage where I have to make some decisions. I have a few ideas. I value your input. So, I’m going to ask you what you think and what you’re interested in. I know you’ll be honest. It’s what will help me decide my next course of action.

Please take a few minutes to take this short survey questionnaire and give me your honest feedback. I really appreciate it! Click here >>Take Survey NOW!!