This has been a very focused, very busy year for me. I had a dream about a year ago that I would be able to create a virtual community of women where we all shared our stories and helped each other thrive as women over fifty. Where my 25+ years of technical training would merge with my 10 years of style consulting, and it would all come together.

When the Style Your Way To Success Over Fifty Facebook group began to grow and gain momentum, I felt like it was the time to make my dream become a reality. Hence, the Style Club For Women Over Fifty was born. Little did I know how hard I’d be working, how frustrated I would be with all the technology glitches and delays…But in the end, it was all worth it. I hope you all consider joining me “on the other side.”

What does it mean when your dreams finally become a reality? What does that feel like?

For me, the day I was able to launch the Style Club For Women, on September 10th, I felt joy, but mostly it was a blend of emotions — gratitude, relief, fear, excitement, and exhaustion. I felt all of it. Then I left for Lake Tahoe where I hiked, road a gondola to the top of Heavenly Valley, boated across the lake to Emerald Bay for lunch, and actually sat and read a book. Actually taking the time to read a book was on my list of things to do! It was glorious! I read “Tender At The Bone” by Ruth Reichl (former food writer). Well, I didn’t get to finish it, but the chapters I read were delightful! I love the way Ruth Reichl writes, especially when she describes food.

Do you have any dreams you have yet to fulfill? I honestly don’t think it’s important whether or not you successfully execute your dreams, but a good, focused effort to make them happen, while enjoying the journey, is what keeps us vibrant, energized, and young at heart.