Despite the overwhelming stress of a pandemic, the inevitable “cabin fever” that you may be feeling, and the current social upheaval and reckoning of present and past injustices, my daughter, and many daughters, all over the world are delivering babies.

Do the babies know what they “volunteered” for? I wonder if they are the designated angel teams sent to earth to solve the horrible mess we’ve made. Who knows? I have a feeling the answers are yes and yes. Hopefully my grandson, and your grandchildren, are equipped with the mind, body, and spirit to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.


I was nervous before we left our home to drive 1,100+ miles to Santa Cruz, California, and kept saying to myself, “You’ve got this!” But, once we got on our way, it felt FANTASTIC to hit the road. Cabin fever had set in after months of quarantine, and being on the road (again…) with a mission to welcome our new grandson was a thrill. Yes, I was paranoid, and I actually used only one public restroom at a rest stop with great trepidation, gloves, and a mask (I will not do that on the drive home!). Our beautiful dog “of a certain age,” Rita (13-yr-old Rhodesian Ridgeback), couldn’t get into and out of the truck by herself, as her hind legs are failing, so toward the end of the drive she just refused to get out of the truck. We were all happy and relieved to finally arrive at our temporary home.

Here’s what I’ve learned and experienced on this magical trip:

#1: Don’t Do Anything That May Jeopardize Your Life Or Those Around You

This was the most important show of support and love that my husband and I will ever do for our daughter. These are extraordinary times, but even so, the miracle of new life was happening. Our daughter and SIL wanted us to be here, and we would make it happen no matter what.

But, we didn’t want to risk our lives doing something stupid, so we used common sense and the tools the CDC recommends to stay safe. Yes, there is conflicting information out there, so we must rely on what information we DO know.

  • We DO know that COVID-19 is still out there, and in many states the infection rates are rising.
  • We DO know that wearing a mask prevents the spread of the virus, so it’s best to always wear a mask in public.
  • We DO know that the virus is more serious for people over 65 (which includes my husband and me!).
  • We DO know that washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water will kill the virus. I don’t mind the hand washing, as we’re staying a block from the beach so the moist ocean air is keeping my hands soft and smooth.

While here in California we are limiting our movements to our kids’ home and taking walks outdoors on the beach or in the cute Santa Cruz neighborhoods. We have so many friends here in the Bay Area that we could have visited, but we’re not seeing anyone. The new baby and his parents are #1 priority, and my husband who recently had knee replacement surgery, and of course, me, because I’m over 65, we’re all in the vulnerable category. Be cautious. Be wise. Be safe.

#2: Don’t Worry Too Much

Worrying creates wrinkles — at least that’s what my mother used to tell me. And what does worrying accomplish anyway? We’re all doing the best we can with our unique situations.


I keep picturing how our parents and grandparents must have felt during WWII. The fear, wars, lack of food, personal sacrifices, and all the unknowns, must have been excruciating to endure. But, they got through it. And our situation is not even a fraction of what they experienced. So, we can do this! We are resilient, strong, smart, and capable. Everyone just needs to take care of themselves first, and then reach out to family and the community to see what they can do to help. This will not last forever!

So, stop worrying, and carry on the best you can…

#3: Use This Opportunity To Express Your Fashion Style With Masks

Masks help to keep the virus from spreading and it’s something we can actually use as a fashion statement! Play up your eye makeup and skip the lip color (except for lip gloss and lip sunscreens, which are still important). Wear fun eyewear in different colors and styles.

I’ve been fascinated by the entrepreneurial spirit of large and small companies that jumped so quickly on the fashionable mask bandwagon. It’s a good thing! Shows the resiliency and creativity of the fashion industry and fashion designers. That just bodes well for the future of sustainable fashion and everything fashion.

I’ve seen one-time use bejeweled masks made by jewelry designer, Lyndy Freed Designs

I’ve purchased fun pattern masks that are washable and reusable with filter inserts (aff. link below). You can buy different solid colors and pattern mixes that you can coordinate with your outfits! Don’t forget to switch out the insert filters, as the filter is what does the work of keeping out the virus droplets. I have a newly purchased package of Vera Bradley face masks waiting for me in Santa Fe when I get home. Can’t wait!

Vera Bradley Face Masks

My husband and I purchased stretchy one-color face masks that double as sun protectors while on walks and bike rides. Here he is wearing the stretchy mask at the beach on a windy day.

Mission Cooling Mask

Pictured below is fashion icon, Angie Weihs, sporting a stylish mask!

#4: Treat Yourself Kindly During This Time

Have you given yourself a mani/pedicure? Why not? This is the perfect time to soak your feet in a bucket of wonderful essential oils and warm water while reading a juicy novel.

Check out these non-toxic nail polishes sundays. My daughter and I have a date to do our toes!

How about walking every day in your neighborhood or your favorite hiking trail? Are you moving your body, breathing fresh air, and getting those endorphins going? I promise you, this is the best way to fight cabin fever, the blues, or just the feeling of being overwhelmed.

We have a weekly workout inside the Style Club For Women Facebook Group where Sherri Preston leads you through a 20-minute set of activities that will keep your muscles tight and your body limber. If you haven’t joined the Style Club, now is a great time! This fall, I’ll be launching a 6-month Breakthrough Style Program for members only. We’re going to explore more stylish and on-trend colors to wear, dressing your body shape with more confidence, looking good on Zoom calls, and so much more! Click here to join for only $7/month, (before the price goes up!)

#5: Do What You Can To Help Your Children And Grandchildren

We were lucky enough to be here to help our son-in-law, Darren, celebrate his FIRST Father’s Day! We made homemade blueberry pancakes, bacon, and eggs per Darren’s request. It was yummy! Robert whipped the egg whites for the pancakes, which made them light and fluffy. I burnt the bacon because I forgot to turn off the oven, but it was still good! I so rarely eat bacon that the salty goodness was a real treat. I believe Darren ate about six of those giant pancakes!

So, back to being grandparents during a pandemic. Most likely you’ve lived through periods of fear and unrest before, and you know that as difficult as these times are to endure, they do end. It’s up to us to reassure our children and more importantly, our grandchildren, that everything will be okay. Use this opportunity to share your personal stories from the past (new stories, not the same old tired stories!), and let them know that spreading love and kindness goes a lot further to resolving problems than spreading rumors and untruths. Please take time to reach inside and find the love and hope that this turmoil is leading us to a better world, and know that we are the elders who can make sense of what is happening and lead by example with common sense and love.

Love and Light,