So, when is life supposed to slow down? I recall summer visits with both grandparents when I was young. My little sister and I would get dropped off in downtown Detroit to stay with my father’s parents, and we would spend long, lazy summer days playing hopscotch on the sidewalk in front of their city home, and walk to the grocery store with my grandmother, finding pennies or maybe a dime on the way. My grandmother never seemed rushed to get to the store, or stressed about completing a list of tasks, or too distracted to watch us play.

Then, there were the occasional bus trips to Akron, Ohio, to stay with our Nana and Papa.

My Nana spent her days in the kitchen baking bread, grinding up some kind of fresh meat to feed to her precious dog, and my Papa would come home from work early and take us for ice cream. Maybe because I was young I didn’t notice their stress or distractions, but it sure seemed like they took their time doing everything.

I don’t know anyone, retired or still working, who has endless time on their hands to bake bread all day or walk to the grocery store. Even the women I know who watch their grandchildren have to make up for that lost time to complete their tasks after the kids are gone. There’s just always a lot to do!

Is it just me? Can it be that I’m always stretched thin because I’m running my own business plus now I’m getting my house ready to sell? Or do you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, even if you’re retired! Most of the retired women I know have substituted work days with very full days of volunteering, or part time work, or babysitting. Or starting new businesses, like our member, Ros Bakst! So many women in our group are writing books, starting blogs, creating new business ventures, or going back to school.

I thought being 65 meant slowing down…doing less….having more leisure time.

Well, the new reality of being over sixty is definitely different than what our grandparents, and even our parents, experienced. We are still full of curiosity, energy, dreams, and desires. Most people I know have bucket lists and are busy checking adventures off the list! Going to the Galapagos, moving to Mexico, exploring their artistic talents, or inventing new products. These new adventures keep our bodies and brains fit. We’re challenging ourselves to learn and grow every day.

We are the generation that does not slow down. We are standing up, being seen and heard. We are making a difference. Our lives continue to have purpose and meaning.

I guess I’ll slow down in my nineties….

What are your hopes and dreams? Are you slowing down or doing more than ever before? Would love to hear your thoughts below!