Summertime Blues

Our group is not as active right now — I’m hoping it’s just the summertime slowdown blues…and not that you don’t love interacting anymore. There is so much yet to see and do and learn about! We are an amazing group of women living life to the fullest despite physical, mental, emotional, or financial setbacks. We just keep on truckin…

But our activity is down. That’s a fact. So, I’ll just assume it’s because you’re outside enjoying the lovely warmth and sunshine and you’re not stuck inside. That’s a good thing!

We’ve had a great month of posts! There was Margaret Ann Whalen posting almost daily WHAT I WORE and always looking fresh and lovely as she goes about her day. Our lovely Ava Rodgers looks demure and chic in her new palazzo pants that inspired many others to post photos of the same. And, of course, our Laurel West is looking especially fit and sunkissed in her sleeveless dresses and TJ Maxx tops and jeans. We do have the BEST fashion-forward regular posters!!

New Members

I was especially thrilled that so many new members posted in June and July. Way to go!

Sharon Stewart’s red jumpsuit wowed us!

Dixie Mahoney Taylor, your professional headshots with black and pink look amazing!

Jackie Jackson Dingle, you looked stunning in your sheath dress, and I hope we answered your question, “..whether this dress is appropriate for a lady of my age.” YES! Wear it — you look lovely!

Our Most Impactful Posts Last Month

June to July is when we start feeling the heat — some of us are wilting in the sweltering wet heat, and some are seeking relief in loose-fitting dresses and shorts. Whatever keeps you cool! Here are some FUN FACTS about our group between mid-June and mid-July:

** We had 654 posts between June 15 – July 12

** The number of posts are down 30% from last month — come on ladies!!!

** We have 8, 145 Active Members, which is high for a group of this size, but down from the active members last month (summertime plans????)

** This chart shows posts with the most hits in the previous 4 weeks. You ladies love to weigh in with your favorite outfit, talk about the royal wedding, ask for hair color opinions, and cheer on Beverley Woodworth’s before and after photo. I love it!!!