I want to express my gratitude to all of you loyal readers of this newsletter who have posted selfies in the FB group, or who look at the posts and make comments. You are the reason this group has been so successful! You are not only “Styling Your Way To Success,” but you are creating the success of this group, too!

Before the holidays I asked you to respond to a survey and I wanted to share the results of the survey with you. I was looking for ways to keep this vibrant, vital group going in 2019, and wondered if you’d be open to paying a nominal monthly fee to keep it open, or if you’d consider purchasing ala carte programs that help you uplevel your style or stay on top of the style trends each new season. Here are your responses:

What is the BIGGEST reason you’re a member of the Style Your Way To Success Over 50 group?

60%  – I am learning how to be more stylish and confident from member posts

21% – I am here because of Linda Waldon’s personality, leadership and professional style advice

10% – I am a stylish woman over 50 and I want to share my style with other women

5% – I value the connections and friendships I’ve developed

Conclusion: This was so heartening because this is EXACTLY what I envisioned as the goal of this FB group! I wanted to help women be more stylish and gain confidence through style guidance, education, and interaction with like-minded women. Most of you come back to the FB group over and over again because you want to see how other women over 50 dress, and through this you’re gaining style confidence. This group has attracted some very stylish women who are here to share their personal style, and we all benefit from their example!

What are your 3 greatest style issues or other midlife concerns you’d like me to address?

I wanted to know what general topics you’re interested in. Here are the most popular responses:

37% – Dressing for my body shape

37% – How to accessorize to look more put together

32% – Capsule wardrobes (doing more with less)

25% – How to modernize my look

24% – Style transformations (create a new personal style)

20% – Getting out of a style rut

Conclusion: This is affirming to my plans for 2019 because I’ve already been working on developing a Body Shape Analyzer Tool and videos for each body shape that will be part of the Style Club membership. I’ve been working on a new course about Creating Capsule Wardrobes. And, I’m developing “The Transformation Channel” where speakers will talk about style transformations, weight loss, exercise, and career reinvention.

Please rate your interest in this ala carte program called BLUSHING BEAUTY. It includes: color analysis and color card, color inspiration video with outfit ideas, “Love My Colors” color course with 4 video lessons, workbook and 1:1 color consultation with Linda Waldon.

53% – Maybe

36% – No

10% – Yes

Please rate your interest in another ala carte program called FABULOUS FASHIONISTA. It includes: New trend recommendations for each new season, How to add trends to your existing wardrobe, Special shopping links to trend items, How to combine your classic style with fashion trends, 1:1 trend consultation with Linda Waldon.

47% – Maybe

47% – No

3% – Yes

Rate your interest in this ala carte program called SAVVY CHIC. It includes: Live interactive Style Q&A calls with Linda and members answering your style questions, Speaker seminars about lifestyle topics, Interactive fashion advice from Linda, Lifestyle transformation programs, Style tip videos, eBooks, Programs added quarterly.

38% – Maybe

50% – No

8% – Yes

Conclusion: I was pretty happy with the number of women who were somewhat interested in these ala carte programs. Clearly, very few women were sure they would purchase such a program, and a large percentage said no, they were not interested. What I discovered is that most of the No responses came from respondents who have already joined the Style Club, which is a paid program, and in general, already includes these types of ala programs for free. So the conclusions are a bit cloudy because I did not separate out the Style Club member responses (the survey responses are anonymous unless the respondent enters her name. But, I could tell, based on the write-in responses, that many of these respondents were in the Style Club).

Is this Facebook group (Style Your Way To Success Over Fifty) something you would be willing to pay $3/month for on a monthly basis? If yes, choose the benefits(s) that you would like included. If no, choose your reason why. And please write in the text box to explain your response.

28% – No, I just don’t believe in paying for anything on Facebook

23% – No, because I only visit Facebook occasionally

20% – No, I like things the way they are here, so why change it?

10% – Yes, I would pay for it just the way it is today

3% – Yes, I would pay for it if it contained…(various responses: Linda’s Style Q&A, seminars, broadened the focus)

Conclusion: I must say I was really disappointed with these responses — not surprised — just felt sad. But I do understand. Facebook, and most social media sites, have been built around the premise that it is free for all to use it. It’s a wonderful environment to build communities of like-minded people who share a common interest or passion. I’m very grateful for Facebook for this reason.

However, if I charged a nominal fee for belonging to this FB group, it would offer much more than this group page. It would likely offer programs, such as:

– Monthly Masterclass Seminars

– Monthly Contest Giveaways

– I would spend more time in the group providing professional style advice

For most Facebook users, a free Facebook community is a philosophy and this attitude may be difficult to change. So, if I do decide to charge a nominal monthly fee to remain in the group some day, I know that the group size will shrink dramatically.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

I thought I would share some of the comments you wrote. Thank you so much!!! Information is always a good thing. Knowledge is so important, and you’ve provided me with information and knowledge about what you think of this Facebook group. I’m ever so grateful and always willing to listen to the good and the critical feedback.

“There are some people in the large group who sometimes make quite judgmental and/or unkind remarks. That bothers me. One one thing I love about the style club is that people are so supportive. I hope it stays at a size and membership where people continue to be so lovely to each other. I truly enjoy the group.

I truly enjoy this Facebook group! I think you should do it for money because it is a job! And when you do start charging, I’ll know my season with you is over, and that’s okay. Just know you are doing a great job and I really love you!

I love the style club and because it is only $5 a month, I don’t notice the cost, yet I am reaping the benefits of not only style, but friendships. Thank you for having me as a member. 

I’d love to see ladies of every body type colour matched and dressed either by Linda or her Style Resource Team.

I wonder if there is a way to gently let a woman know when her look is all wrong for her. I would never do that but someone on the resource team should have that gift to steer them in the right direction. I see outfits posted that just suck the life out of their faces and they get either no comment or lovely outfit. Just wondering because we are all on this site to look better.

It’s been fun the way that it has been but I understand and respect the need to make changes.

I am willing to pay for these [ala carte programs] so that is something to discuss. Linda with all the time you put into these programs I think paying something for them is just fine.

I just want to say I really enjoy reading this group and tell myself all the time that I am going to post pictures but so far haven’t, not sure if it’s time or shyness. The style club sounds wonderful but I’m afraid I wouldn’t have time to take advantage of everything. I am considering making a commitment for the new year!

I probably am not a good fit for your desire to produce income because my income is fixed and my pension income does not provide cost of living increases.”