Red is such a fantastically energetic color that gives you a burst of juicy power! It’s warm and positive, and expresses leadership qualities, promotes ambition and determination. When a powerful woman walks into a meeting wearing a seriously red suit, you know she intends to be the center of attention!

Red has different meanings in cultures. For example, in Chinese culture, red is the color for good luck. In Indian culture, red symbolizes purity and is often worn in wedding dresses.

Red Is The New Black

In my mind, as someone who doesn’t look fabulous in black, I think the Little Red Dress is every bit as stylish as the LBD. Glamorous, daring, and guaranteed to make you own the room. Red is strong and is the highest energy color in the color wheel, so it naturally gives the wearer a boost of confidence, increases heart rate, stimulates energy, increases confidence, and is associated with the joy of love, passion and sexuality. You can tap into this high energy by wearing the color, and expect that it will change your attitude and the responses you get from the people around you. I especially love wearing red in the wintertime, as it just seems to warm me up and raise my vibration!

There are so many shades of red, it’s easy to get confused as to which shade of red is going to look best on you. Here are some examples of reds that will be your most beautiful, and luckiest, red. I’ve divided them into my 4 color palettes:

Gold Color Palette – This is Your Red

For all you Golden Girls, your red is an orange-red: bright, light and complementary to your delicate skintone and bright eyes.

Platinum Color Palette – This is Your Red

For all you Flowing Fems, your red is raspberry: blue-red, berrylicious and complementary to your soft, rosy skintone and smoky eyes.
Couldn’t resist this photo of 67-year-old German model, Eveline Hill wearing a soft raspberry leotard.

Copper Color Palette – This is Your Red

For all you Autumn Angels, your red is a brick red: rusted, burnt and complementary to your warm skintone and earthy eyes.

Silver Color Palette – This is Your Red

For all you Striking Sadies, your red is true red: primary, vibrant and boldly complementary to your cool skintone and deep eyes.

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