It’s cold outside. The sky is gray. A foot of snow just fell. You have a luncheon to attend today and you’d ordinarily be very excited about it, but you just can’t imagine having to go outside in this weather. Then you remember…hey, I bought that dark gray sweater dress a couple weeks ago and I haven’t worn it yet. Oh yah, I have a gray tribal-patterned poncho that matches the sweater dress so I’ll be nice and cozy warm. And, I have the perfect tall gray boots for a monochromatic chic look that I love. Okay, this day is going to be fun after all…as soon as I get the kid next door to shovel the snow out of my driveway!

Have you tried wearing a sweater dress yet? They are the most comfortable, stylish and versatile dress for winter wear. You can dress them up or wear them casually to run errands. In both cases, you’ll be comfy, warm, and in style! I have several sweater dresses, and this year I’m wearing a sheath silhouette because I like a more form-fitted look for my body type. I can add a belt, or go without a belt, both look good. And I top the sweater dress with a long cardigan or wrap that keeps me warm and creates a layered look. If you wear a roomier fit dress you want the hem to hit just above your knee so it doesn’t appear frumpy. Add tall boots in suede or leather to give your outfit textural interest and a pop of color in your handbag or accessories.

Here are some examples of my favorite sweater dress looks. Cozy, easy, comfortable, and different from jeans.

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How To Build A Sweater Dress Outfit:

Sweater Dress:

Choose a sweater dress that has a color or pattern you LOVE, and a shape that flatters your body type. I prefer mine sheath-like, because my body type is Rectangle, but feel free to wear them in swingy, sack-like, or fit-and-flare silhouettes. They work best at, or just above, the knee with knee-high boots. Or you can wear hosiery with pumps or a bootie.

Tall Boots:

Choose tall tailored boots that are flat or heeled. Choose a boot color that works with the dress. I like flat boots as well as chunky heels with these dresses.


Add hosiery for insulation. Patterned hose can be fun. You can wear sheer black hose, polka dot or chevron hose, micro fishnets or opaque tights. I think a sheer hose looks dressier.

Coat, Poncho, or Wrap:

Add a top coat or wrap in a color that works with the outfit. The coat can be the same length or longer than the dress but you can go with a short poncho or wrap, too. You can go with color on color for a long, lean look or choose a contrasting coat color. Have fun with it.


Add a scarf, jewelry, handbag and hat as desired. A large scarf will double duty as a wrap over the dress, which I’ve found handy in a drafty situation.

Are you ready to try a sweater dress outfit? Please share your successes with us!