This is the photo I will use for the inside cover of my novel — if I ever get around to writing it. It will be a murder mystery about how fashion and cosmetic industry executives suddenly start disappearing. Turns out they were all quietly kidnapped and held on a remote island off Bora Bora where their brains were being reprogrammed by women over fifty to stop patronizing and start marketing to this growing market of kick ass women. No one is harmed in my book, though many minds are pried open and implanted with a dose of reality — we are fed up with advertising and product claims that imply baby boomers don’t matter!

Aren’t you tired of seeing ads for anti-aging cosmetics with 20-year-old airbrushed models? First of all, no lotions or potions are going to reverse all the signs of aging. I’d like to smooth out a few lines and replace some collagen, but I will never SAY GOODBYE to the aging process. And why would I want to? Like I said, I LOVE my wrinkles (the jowl thing is another matter). I think wrinkles tell a story about my life, and I would never want to erase my life.

We’re the love generation of the 60s and 70s who have unbounded energy, purpose, multi-faceted interests, and we want to dress as expressively as we did in our twenties. And we have money to spend (wisely) on clothing and accessories!

Is it too much to ask for a little more respect?

And don’t get me started about mother of the bride dress models. Does this model look like she is the mother of a bride-to-be? I recently bought a MOB dress for my daughter’s wedding, and I laughed my way through all the MOB dress photos.

Like I said, I’m getting pissed off at the fashion industry lately because it’s getting more difficult to find fashions that appeal to women like us. I’m not one to get angry easily. I’m pretty non-judgmental and forgiving most of the time. But the more style blogs by women over fifty I read, the more I’m seeing the same message: We want designers and advertisers to pay attention and listen to us. We’re not gonna take it anymore! Women over fifty want to express themselves with quality clothing that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, feels good, looks good, and covers our bodies in all the right places. We know what we want — the smart designers are going to serve it up!

I’m always looking for fashions that appeal to different personalities and lifestyles of women over fifty. Some women want flow, quality, refinement. Others look for pieces that are fun, energetic, and interesting. Everyone needs a few signature pieces that express your personality and style. Note to advertisers and designers: you need to incorporate more than pubescent models if you want to appeal to us! We’d like to see MORE models with wrinkles!

Here are a few styles I like:

Cyanograph Block Silk Dress – This is SO my style!

Theory Peplum Blouse Over Cropped Pants – Refined, Clean, Flattering

The Kooples Velvet Burnout Jacket – Uh, where’s the concert?

James Perse Thermal Top and Drawstring Pant Modeled by 68-yr-old model, Maye Musk – Love her!

Anthropology Caviana Rayon Shirtdress – So wearable and bohemian

What’s your beef with the fashion industry and advertisers? Would you like to see more older models? What do you think we can do about it?

I’d love to hear from you!