I’ve been having a conversation with myself lately that goes something like this:

“Listen, it’s time to stop hiding behind your fears of what people are going to think about you or say about you, and just GO FOR IT! Stop second-guessing your decisions, and know that whatever is happening right now was supposed to happen. Everything is going to be okay.”

Sound familiar? Here’s the rest of the self-talk:

“You are not 25. You are an intelligent, capable, beautiful, experienced woman and you have plenty of gifts to share with the world. There’s no time left for self-doubt. You’re not getting a lot of do-overs. This is it. Dress rehearsal is over. This is the REAL DEAL. Just live your life the way you have always dreamed of living. You can do this!”

So that’s how my conversations with myself roll these days. I give myself mini pep talks throughout the day. Trying to keep it real, to be conscious, not to be envious of anyone’s life (because everyone has problems to face and overcome), and to feel like I’m making a difference in someone’s life. In other words, I strive for AWAKENED BEAUTY AND GRACE INSIDE AND OUT.

As I participated in my daughter’s marriage celebration a few months ago, I realized the importance of being confident in our decisions, from the essential decisions of what to eat every day, what to wear, to the very important decision of who you marry.

These positive, but real, self-talks are a way of building up confidence muscles…With well-developed confidence muscles you’ll be strong enough to listen to your own inner voice (your intuition) rather than to what others say.

How strong are your confidence muscles?