Module 3


Find Your Color SIZZLE

a mini course

Color is the easiest way to rev up your look:

  • You deserve a colorful life!
  • Be the confident woman you are meant to be.
  • Become visible and shift into high gear.
  • Your wardrobe may be tired. Find your inspiration in color.
  • Life is easier when your wardrobe is color-coordinated.


“Linda’s program was great. She taught me the fundamentals of color, and I feel much more confident about picking out colors to mix and match. I now enjoy shopping thanks to Linda. Before I looked at it as a grit-my-teeth torture session. Now I feel more confident to pick colors and styles that work best on me. I wish it could go on..”
Joyce Loveless, Maryland
“I received my Silver Color Card package today. Beautiful presentation with nice touches – from the silver wrapping paper to the helpful descriptions on the back of the cards. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to go shopping!”
Sandra Evans

“My color palette number is #2, without a doubt!   The descriptions of personality traits, clothing preferences, etc. fits me perfectly.  Interesting..because I am often referred to as an ‘angel’.  Thank you so much!!  I feel empowered already and I haven’t even bought anything.”

Beth B.

This mini course is delivered in 4 Videos, each just 20 minutes, and comes with a workbook to get you mixing colors to make new outfits right away.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

Know exactly what pitch-perfect colors make you look and feel radiant

Understand how to mix and match colors to create outfits

Use color to express your personality, look younger and spice it up!

This mini course is delivered in 4 Videos all just 20 minutes and comes with a workbook to get you recreating your image immediately. Includes a True Colors palette card. You’ll save time and money because you’ll always know exactly the right colors to buy!


Click on the link below to take a peak at what you’ll learn:

<<Find Your Color SIZZLE Video Preview>>

“Well, the proof is in the cards,as they say😉 My husband asked me how I knew this color blue would work so well and I showed him my color cards, so ladies if you haven’t gotten Linda’s color cards yet, I highly recommend this program! I keep one in my bag and one in my closet! You can actually see the same blue on the card

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