Isn’t it so true that the older you get the less you want to fuss around with intricate layers, hiding straps, and pulling up your pants to hide the muffin top? Effortless dressing…that’s the goal of every woman over fifty! Get dressed and get out of the house (or sit down at your computer) without muss or fuss…and look amazing.

I am on the hunt for clothes that are effortless. If I find a sheer top that requires a certain type of under-thing, I think very hard about whether or not I will actually wear it often. This spring, SHEER TOPS will be a hot trend, so it may be worth the extra trouble! Here’s my sheer embroidered and fringed top that I love to wear on a warm summer day with ripped jeans or white cotton ankle pants. The look changes depending on the camisole colors…

Here are some style tips for EFFORTLESS DRESSING:

Style Tip #1: Invest in Easy-To-Wear Pull On and Go Tops and Dresses

Think about what you reach for most often in your closet. What do you like about it? Is it an easy pull on and go top or dress? Those are the things I wear every day, especially when I have a closet cleanout or shop your closet consultation. Here are some of my favorites — one piece, no muss/no fuss, comfort plus. The first is a flared tunic top that you can pull on and wear with leggings or jeggings. The 3/4 length sleeve and low scoop/v-neckline is attractive on everyone. (aff. links)

This black and white striped cotton hoodie is so cute and versatile. Wear it over a white tee shirt and jeans, add a pop of color with red booties, and you’re styling!

Consider a sweater dress that is so universally easy to wear, pair it with warm tights, scarf, tall boots and a hat, and you’re not only stylish, but cozy all day!

Style Tip #2: Create a Uniform and Wear It Often

In my style course, Style Success In Your Second Act, I encourage women to define their signature style uniform for a couple reasons, 1) Because your signature style expresses your personality, and 2) Wearing the same type of outfit every day is just easier! Once you know what you love to wear, like a tee shirt, blazer and jeans, then you can focus on filling your closet with those pieces.

Even if you have a uniform, you can change it up by switching out your shoes, adding different jewelry, swapping handbags and overcoats.

Here’s some pieces that could be part of your uniform (aff. links):

A sweater dress/top that can be worn over skinny jeans, leggings, or jeggings. Your uniform is set! Throw on this colorful and stylish sweater, add pants, booties or ballet flats, and go!

These Plus Size Ponte Knit Leggings could be your go to uniform — I can wear these every day! Just change out your top!

This stretch boyfriend blazer in navy, is so perfect for a work or casual everyday uniform. I’m a layer kind of gal, so I enjoy the flattering look of a steamlined blazer over a light sweater or blouse. This is looser because it’s boyfriend style, so it’s one of those pieces you can throw on over jeans, nice trousers, or even a dress.

Finally, if you prefer dresses, here’s an easy to wear summer dress for everyday errands or dressed up with a blazer for work.

Style Tip #3: Have The Right Shoes In Your Closet

I know you love to collect shoes — aren’t they grand? But ask yourself if they’re the right shoes? Do you actually wear them? If you’re like me, I won’t tolerate ill-fitting shoes or any pain in my feet. I’m on my feet for hours at a time helping my style clients shop or clean out their closets, so my shoes have to be stylish and comfortable. I  love the idea of collecting your uniform of dressy flats, fancy velvet slippers for the house, kitten heels, chunky heel booties, or riding boots. So many comfortable stylish options to wear on your feet! The fiercer the better!!