Those unworn clothes in your closet are talking — what are they trying to tell you?

If you’re feeling frustrated with your closet because you have a ton of clothes but nothing to wear, take a look at what your unworn clothes might be saying to you:

Your clothes are the wrong color for you: You’ve outgrown the colors in your closet — perhaps those colors used to look good on you when you were blonde or red or dark brown, and now that you’re transitioning to grey, they no longer work on you. Maybe you bought the wrong color because the lighting in the store was poor, or the online store showed a different color. Whatever the reason, if the color makes you look and feel sickly, get rid of it! If you don’t feel fabulous in a color, or it’s just bumming you out, no matter how much you paid for the piece, get rid of it! You know which colors garner the most compliments whenever you wear them. Those are your clues…

You have a different lifestyle now: If you’ve retired, changed jobs, moved to a different climate, or just have new hobbies, the clothes that used to work for you no longer do. Yes, it’s a bummer to get rid of perfectly nice clothing, money wasted, etc. But, now that your life is different, it’s time to let your clothes move on. When you finally clean out your closet you’ll make room for your new life to flourish! How exciting and exhilarating this will be!!

Your clothes don’t match your style preferences: See the example of me wearing two different styles of flannel below? The flannel shirt on the left with ruffles was so cute I had to try it on in the store, even though I’m not a ruffle-wearing gal! The fabric was soft, I loved the colors, and everything was right except for the fact that it had a huge ruffle in front and down each side in the back. Would I wear it? Believe me, I struggled with this, especially because it was on sale, too. But in the end I left the shirt in the store because I knew it would hang in my closet unworn. The flannel on the right is my J Crew shirt that I wear constantly (mostly in the house cause it’s pretty worn). But it’s my signature style, and I love it.

I can appreciate other styles of clothing, but that’s where it has to stop. When you acknowledge that something is cute on a friend, a model in a magazine, or on a manikin, what makes it stylish on them doesn’t mean it will translate to stylish on you! When something really works on you, you’ve made a seamless connection between your inside and your outside. If you try wearing someone else’s style, it ends up feeling foreign and frankly, looking like a costume on you! If you’ve accumulated clothes that are just not YOU, they’re probably hanging in your closet unworn. So, get rid of them!

You’ve changed after menopause: As I think about what happens to a woman before, during, and after menopause, it is like women are morphing in every way possible into a new vortex. So, it’s not only that our bodies change, hormone levels are going up and down, relationships come and go, the influence of your age, wisdom, and fire within you on changes who you are (yes, I’m talking about hot flashes!) it’s no wonder that the clothes you used to wear no longer work. It’s not just weight gain, it’s how you live your life now is changing, what you’re willing to put up with, what you want from your clothes, everything about you is enhanced because you realize your clock is ticking and there’s no time to waste being untruthful with other people and most of all, yourself! So, yes, you’ve changed…

You’ve accumulated too many of the same pieces: Yes, you need more than one pair of jeans. However, if you have too many similar wardrobe pieces and not enough reasons to wear all of them, you’ve diluted the value of each piece and will be left with unworn clothes and less variety. So, let’s say you’re wearing jeans every day. Can you wear your jeans more than one day in a row? I sure do! So perhaps five pairs of jeans would be more than enough to last a week or even two weeks. But many of us own ten or even more jeans! And jeans take up a lot of space either in your closet or dresser. That leaves less room for other types of pants, such as linen pants, leggings, and slacks. The same is true for white tee shirts (my sister’s passion! her closet is filled with similar white tees!), black pants, or anything you’ve accumulated. So, if this is a problem for you, then make a promise you won’t buy any more similar items unless you’re willing to part with some of the pieces you already have.

After you listen to what your unworn clothes are saying to you, one of the answers may be just to regularly audit your closet, and make sure the pieces make sense for you now. Be willing to take time to try on each piece, see how many outfits you can coordinate with the piece, and ask yourself whether or not it still has value in your life.

I would love nothing more than to help you feel more confident and more beautiful as you enter 2018. It would be an honor to guide you through the maze of discovering your style confidence! You certainly deserve to step up and stand out this year!

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