Whether you’re retired living on a fixed income or just trying to save money for your future retirement, spending less money on clothing may be a priority. But that doesn’t mean you have to LOOK like you’re spending less money!

There are ways to make your outfits appear more expensive than they are. Knowing how to combine colors stylishly and in surprising ways creates a fashion statement. Wearing streamlined, neutral-colored pieces and accessorizing boldly creates a high end statement. There are ways to stretch your dollars without feeling deprived and dowdy.

Don’t discount the value of shopping in thrift and consignment stores. It’s a treasure hunt, for sure, and you only get one size of each item, but when you find that NWT (new with tags) designer blouse, or a barely worn designer blazer, you will be hooked! Remember, you don’t need a lot of clothes — just the RIGHT clothes. Consignment stores are my favorite places to shop because the store owner takes in only like-new clothing and accessories, and refreshes the inventory weekly. It’s the best way to add high quality pieces to your wardrobe!


Note: The following fashions are Affiliate Links which I’ve chosen from Amazon.com, Sundance, and Nordstrom. Click on the item to go to the website and make a purchase. If you purchase an item using this link, it doesn’t cost you any extra, but I get a small compensation.

LOOK EXPENSIVE TIP #1: Invest in your accessories, not necessarily your clothes.

You can do this two ways: 1) Look for high end looking handbags and shoes that don’t cost a lot but LOOK expensive. 2) Splurge on accessories such as handbags and shoes. The higher quality accessories should last years and years and will make any outfit look expensive. Work with what you have – dress up your basic pieces by adding a few finishing touches. Simply wearing a tee shirt and jeans with and a high end handbag elevates your outfit instantly! Look for expensive details, good construction, and the color, handle and size you desire. You want a great everyday handbag in a neutral color, a gorgeous pop of color handbag, and a travel-appropriate handbag that offers convenience and security.

DALFR Vegan Leather Tote

RHAPSODIC Pebble Leather Hobo-Style Shoulder Bag Complete with Padded Handle and Crossbody Strap

Latico Leather Crossbody

LOOK EXPENSIVE TIP #2: Focus your wardrobe on neutral colors

When I work with clients I give them a color card filled with both neutrals and color pops. I suggest your wardrobe should be mostly neutrals and some pops of color to keep it interesting. Wearing a completely neutral outfit — all white, all black, all navy, or even the neutral taupe and white – looks expensive and polished. Paired with the right accessories looks luxurious.

KOH KOH Jumpsuit

KOH KOH Cape Dress

Annabelle Maxi Tunic Top

LOOK EXPENSIVE TIP #3: Wear beautiful or surprisingly stylish shoes

Wearing beautiful shoes lifts your outfit to a higher level and gives it flair. I know pointy flats or mules can be challenging when your feet are older than fifty years, but if you can still wear them, that’s great. Even if you have to eliminate points, mules, and heels from your wardrobe, you can find chic, comfortable shoes that add an unexpected pop of color or fun twist to your outfit. Search for sales and buy end-of-season shoes at bargain prices. Here are some comfort and fun choices that offer pops of colors and high end design.

Sundance Hallie Shoes

Sundance Greesham Sandals

Eileen Fisher Willow Espadrille

LOOK EXPENSIVE TIP #4: Invest in your foundation undergarments

There’s something so flattering and upscale looking about an outfit where the “girls” are uplifted and in the right place. The way to look put-together is make sure you’re wearing a well-fitting bra, panties that aren’t too baggy or tight, and wear shapewear when you need to. Underwear can sculpt your body and help your clothes look good on your body. Here’s a blog post I wrote last year about shapewear >> Which Shapewear Is Right For You?

LOOK EXPENSIVE TIP #5: Get yourself a tailor

Ready-to-wear garments are designed on a dress form with measurements not even close to yours! Just assume that tailored clothes are going to need slight adjustments because one garment does not fit all. Take your jackets, fitted tops, dresses and pants to a tailor so you look like your clothes were custom designed just for you!

LOOK EXPENSIVE TIP #6: Wear lux fabrics and mix textures

The fabrics you wear matter. Natural fabrics, and fabrics with movement and actual tailoring read expensive. Outfits that play with textures look expensive. Mix hard and soft fabrics, like leather and silk, and you’ll instantly uplevel your style. Velvet. Woven tweeds. Shiny faux leather. Flowy silk. Lace. Try not to buy all one-note garments — take a look in your closet and take note of how many different fabrics and textures are hanging. Most of the closets I see have mostly the same fabrics. It’s more creative and interesting to pull different textures together!

Sunfei Velvet Top

Denim Crush Jegging


Ann Taylor Woven Jacket

LOOK EXPENSIVE TIP #7: Wear the right makeup colors

Makeup, even just a light touch, can elevate your look. Depending on your skin tone, hair, and eye color, your makeup should look like it belongs on your face and is simply there to elevate and accent your beautiful features. Adding a glow to your cheeks with an illuminating pen on the top of your cheeks and just at the edge of the eyes will make your eyes sparkle. If your eyelashes aren’t as long or thick as they once were, learn how to apply false eyelashes or explore some of the new thickening and lengthening formulas. Mostly, it’s about choosing the right colors that make your skin look healthy and your eyes vibrant!

Gold (Spring) – there’s nothing like a light pink lip and pink blush to brighten your face and add polish to your look.

Platinum (Summer) gals can wear a coral rose lip color with mauve pink cheeks and look sexy and finished.

Copper (Autumn) — a brick red lip with bronzer on the cheekbones provides just the right touch.

Silver (Winter) — a bright red lip and rosy cheeks add a dramatic flair to your outfit!

LOOK EXPENSIVE TIP #8: Designer-ish sunglasses give you the cool factor

I don’t know about you, but my Kate Spade sunglasses are everything. I love wearing sunglasses — the bigger the better. They elevate your cool factor, hide the bags under your eyes, and even inexpensive knock-offs can look hip and trendy!

GUCCI Square Sunglasses

QUAY AUSTRALIA Heart Breaker Sunglasses

LOOK EXPENSIVE TIP: Know what you’re doing with your own style and colors!

The best way to elevate your look is to know exactly what colors and styles look best on you. I’ve got many virtual style programs and personal 1:1 offerings to help you get out of a style rut and elevate your look. I know many women just don’t have the budget to hire me for a complete style makeover, so I’ve got a value-packed, budget-friendly program for you! I just released a compilation of 7 videos plus a 20-page workbook, and I include a free 15-minute consultation. All for only $19.95. How’s that for DELIVERING AN UPSCALE PRODUCT WITHOUT THE UPSCALE COST? Don’t wait too long, as this program is only available for a short time >> 7 Ways To ROCK Your Style Over 50