Spring/Summer 2018 Trends And How To Add Them To Your Wardrobe


I can feel the whisper of spring in the air. I’ve looked at the Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear collections and I see some themes you’re going to love as a woman over fifty, and some that are so over-the-top crazy, as usual, you wonder who will wear them. But, the good news is Individualism is still a strong trend, which means just about anything goes as long as you wear it with confidence! Isn’t that always the trick? Those bell-bottom pants you’ve been saving since the 70s can be pulled out of the closet now. Pair them with a crisp white blouse, statement necklace and some low kitten heels and you are styling!

If your budget doesn’t allow for the designer brands that walk the runway, then take the IDEA of those designs and put together your own interpretation using what’s already in your closet plus things you find at consignment, thrift stores, and online (where there are many bargains to be had!).

Some of the spring colors you’ll see in stores and online are bright lime green, a punch of tomato red, different shades of lavender and violet, cerulean blue, and chili oil, and blue green. Pretty much every gal will find a color to brighten her spring wardrobe!

Here’s a preview of some of the trends to watch for this Spring/Summer. You can click on the photos of most of the clothing in this article, as I’ve included links to purchase if you’re interested. I provided this content for your enjoyment and information. Some links are affiliate links meaning, at no additional cost to you, I may get a small commission if you make a purchase. Thanks for your support in this way!

Trend #1: Dramatic Layers

This spring you’ll see complicated layering of all sorts of textures, pattern mixing, embellishment, and high contrast colors that may or may not clash. But these pieces are worn in such a way they create a harmonized whole. The effect is interesting drama. It’s like looking at a complex painting that comes together more as you step back.

Here’s a way to interpret this Dramatic trend and make it your own for everyday wear.


iB-iP Leopard Print Drawstring

Trend #2: Color, Color, Color!

To all my ladies who LOVE wearing black and white, hang on to your hat this spring, because the stores will be FILLED with an explosion of color! You’re going to see color for each of the 4 color palettes:

Gold Palette (Spring) – ice-cream tones, bright pastels, purples

Zara Purple Dress

Silver Palette (Winter) – bright, crayola crayon box colors, icy pinks

Zara True Green Dress

Platinum Palette (Summer) – soft pastels and muddy colors

Zara Lilac Dress

Copper Palette (Autumn) – earth and jewel tones

Zara Caramel Midi Dress

Trend #3: Polka Dots

How fun are polka dots? One of our members, Ava Rodgers, bought a polka dot top recently and everyone went wild! It was so chic yet so much fun! You’re going to see a lot of black & white or navy & white polka dots but look for more colorful polka dots and you’ll find them, too. You can pair polka dots with the trendy gingham or florals — for those of you who are in love with mixing and matching patterns.


NY Collection Macys


Alexandra Vauthier Shoes

Trend #4: Wide and Cropped Pants

Most of the new fashions you’ll see are wide or extremely wide pants, and most of them are cropped, with some flared bottoms a la 70s! Skinny pants are taking a back seat this season. Now, does that mean I’m going to pack away my skinnies? Nah. I love the uniform of loose-fitting tops with skinny bottoms — it still works for so many body shapes.

M.i.h Caron Jeans

Bailey44 Petunia Pants

Here are some mentions of more trends to look for this spring:

  • Florals & Gingham – all sorts of florals from poppies, lilies, roses, from giant to dainty ditsies. Just about every summer we see gingham — the difference is this season you’re going to see a pairing of florals with gingham!
  • Denim – dark denim, denim from head to toe.
  • Trench Coats – these have always been a classic piece to keep in your wardrobe, but this season you’ll see a variety of gorgeous bright colors.
  • Shorts – for those of you who love to wear shorts this is your year to buy, buy, buy. You’re going to find a huge assortment of both casual and dressy shorts, different lengths and colors.
  • Flat Footwear – the designers are listening! I see so many dressy and casual flat shoes, from slip-ons to oxfords, loafers, to simple flat sandals. Yay!!!
  • Cross Body and Fanny Packs – yes, the 90s are back with crossbody bags and even dressy fanny packs.

Do you have your favorite trends picked out? I know I do!

Just remember, no matter what happens on the runways, retailers continue to flood the market with skinny jeans and athleisure because women buy the look. We have the power to control trends as much as designers do — we collectively have a strong voice as consumers. Retailers are going to stock sure sell items despite what the trend forecasts predict.

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