We are an amazing generation of women over fifty.
I feel pretty sexy at 64!
We’re still curious, creative, adventurous, giving, and sexy as ever!  Whenever I meet a vibrant woman over fifty who appears to be having the time of her life, I ask her how she stays so young and hot.
I’ve compiled a list of ways to remain young inside and out:
 Keep an eye on your figure, and don’t give in to the notion that your weight gain is just a factor of getting older. Some of that is true, but you may need to watch what you eat and exercise more frequently to maintain your figure. If you’ve always been full-figured, don’t let that stop you from being active and feeling sexy.
  1. Surround yourself with people who feel and act young, both inside and out. If you hang around people who complain about how old and tired they are you’ll start feeling the same! It’s much more beneficial and fun to be in the company of positive and enlightened people who are into learning and having adventures.
  2. Move your body every day, no matter how tired or lazy you feel. Just moving around will make you forget about how tired you are, and pretty soon, you’ll have more energy to do all of the fun things you truly want to do. I take my dogs for a 2-mile run most mornings, and it makes me feel healthy and alive, and my dogs enjoy it, too!
  3. Seek adventures. Whether that means traveling to exotic places, trying new ethnic foods, attending modern art exhibits, or meeting new people, adventures add zest to your life and make you a more interesting person!
  4. Take the time to plan wonderful things in the future. A friend told me, many years ago, if you put plans on the calendar you will have something to look forward to and it will make you feel more hopeful. Having a trip to look forward to, or tickets to an off-Broadway show adds excitement and anticipation to life.
  5. Be extravagant once in awhile. Whether that means eating a decadent plate of fried chicken (my splurge!) or chocolate cake, buying an expensive designer handbag, wearing a sexy, low-cut sweater over a tight pencil skirt, or spending a weekend at Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur—these experiences create a rich tapestry of memories that will keep you feeling young and alive. Treat yourself regularly to wonderful little things, especially if they seem unnecessary and frivolous.
  6. Be spontaneous. Say yes and do something out of the ordinary on barely a moment’s notice. What would that be for YOU? (For me, the one exception might be getting a tattoo — that qualifies as a little too impulsive!)
  7. Don’t ever feel sorry for yourself or have regrets. Regrets are a waste of time, and talking about them bores people to tears. Instead, know that there are no right or wrong decisions in life – everything that happens was meant to happen. As soon as a negative thought comes into your mind, make a habit of replacing it with a positive affirmation, think of a funny story, or call a positive friend.
  8. Take the time to be beautiful. You can’t feel both depressed and fabulous at the same time. Get a mani-pedi, give your hair a deep conditioning treatment, wear colors that make you feel radiant and styles that make you feel luxurious and stylish. Every morning when you wake up, look in the mirror and tell yourself you are a beautiful, vibrant woman with many gifts to offer the world.
  9. Pay attention to children because they know how to be happy, young and carefree. Do you remember playing dress-up in your mother’s or grandmother’s closet? Remember how much fun you had layering your body with beautiful fabrics, hats, shoes, and scarfs? Play, sing, and dance like a child every day!

What are the ways YOU stay young and hot?
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