White Noise

Do you have a style that works for you?

Do you know how to choose clothes that fit your personality and body shape with ease?

Take the 3 trendy Ann Taylor outfits below — when you are tuned into your signature style (the clothes that feel like you!),  you immediately know which outfit best matches YOUR style.

Ann Taylor Outfits 1&2 Ann Taylor Outfit 3

Find Your Style Voice, then Shampoo, Rinse, Repeat

What is your style voice?

Are the latest fashion trends confusing because you’re not sure which trends are right for you? Are you always looking to the fashion industry for your dressing cues rather than listening to your own sense of what feels right for you?

As a woman over fifty, I want to remind you to dress more like YOU. Have fun playing dress up every day so you love the clothes you wear and love the skin you’re in! I encourage you to be willing to honor your body shape and personal preferences and stick with the clothes that bring your body into beautiful focus. Once you find your successful outfit formula, all you do is Shampoo, Rinse, Repeat!

Align Your Clothes With Your Energy

When an outfit works with your body shape and fits your personality, whether the outfit is a loose, blousy top, skinny jeans, a tailored jacket on top, and a gorgeous chunky necklace, run with it. Or, it might be a flowy, midi skirt, tall leather boots, a soft, bohemian linen top with a scoop neckline and a wide belt that connects you with your feminine beauty. An outfit can have many reincarnations and some of the most stylish women I know wear the same combinations over and over. Why reinvent something that is already successful?

The best way to achieve harmony, balance, and beauty with your persona is to be aware of your style preferences and then Shampoo, Rinse, Repeat.

Here’s to ease, grace, and effortless dressing….What’s YOUR secret to Shampoo, Rinse, Repeat your style?

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