I’m seeing sneakers on women of all ages — everywhere. They’re comfy, they’re cool, and there’s no end in sight for our obsession with sneakers. Remember when wearing crisp white sneakers got you kicked out of the cool school? Well, now, white sneakers are the most coveted. Lauren Hutton looks classy and relaxed in her white sneaks.

If you’re craving a little something different, swap your white pair for black, or even brightly colored red, animal print, or glitter gold. What a great accessory!

LouisJuniorSpikes 72dpi

If you think you can’t pull off sneakers, here are women over forty rocking this style:

50isnotold 72dpi Cute Sneakers 72dpi Fifty Shades Outfit 72dpi Glamupyourlifestyle 72dpi JaneBirkin 72dpi Power Suit 72dpi StockholmStyle 72dpi TheAccidentalIcon 72dpi

Do you wear sneakers?

What new style/colors are you thinking about adding to your wardrobe?