Have you looked at your bras lately? If you’re like me, I aged out of push-up padded bras decades ago (not that I ever needed the padding), and I seem to want much more practical functionality and comfort from my bra these days. Are you able to find pretty, feminine, well-functioning lingerie? How long has it been since you updated your lingerie?

I send my clients to department stores like Nordstrom and Soma, or lingerie boutiques to get bra fittings, and I recommend women get a fitting once a year. Too many women are wearing worn out, stretched out, saggy, spent bras. Our “girls” deserve the BEST support, spandex, and sassiness.

The first Fifty Plus Fashion Week was held recently, proving that women over 50, 60 and even 80 are finally being recognized as an important demographic by the fashion world. Dafne Selfe, Helen Mirren, and now Twiggy, are the current hot senior commodities selling stylish designer fashions.

I love to see older women celebrated and honored in this way. Now in my 60s, I’m curious to know what these mature models are wearing underneath their outfits. Are they still able to find pretty, feminine and well-fitting lingerie?

Look at any bra advertising and you rarely see a model who looks over the age of 30. It’s great for younger women, but it doesn’t do much for those of us who only see our daughters’ bodies reflected in these ads. So, I went to Nordstrom a couple weeks ago to get a bra fitting and find out if they had bras for baby boomer women.

As expected, the saleswoman brought out her tape measure, took quick, expert measurements, and was back in the dressing room in a couple minutes with a few choices. I told her I was looking for two types of bras: 1) a tee shirt bra without underwire for my everyday outfits; and 2) a sexy bra to wear with dressy evening wear outfits.

I bought three bras that day: a Wacoal bra with no underwire in both black and neutral skin tone. It supports, covers without bulges, and looks great under tee shirts; and a Chantelle brand, black lace underwire bra, that is supportive and attractive. Both fit beautifully, lifted just enough and did not dig into any part of my body. They’re elegantly simple, soft, and sexy.

My hope is that the lingerie industry pays more attention to female baby boomers and considers designing and catering to our lingerie needs. We’re not hanging up our bras anytime soon (except when we’re home lounging – that’s when I put on a comfy sports bra!) and most baby boomers have the disposable income to pay for good quality bras. We’re looking for a little support and camouflage around our fleshier sections, well-engineered designs that won’t dig into our bodies, and pretty shapes that create flattering silhouettes underneath our clothing. Plus, we’d like to see some lingerie ads that represent women over 50 with a variety of body shapes.

It’s time for the lingerie industry to recognize the power of women over 50. It’s a market that’s been ignored for too long. We’re not done living our purpose and rocking the world. We just want good comfortable support that makes us feel beautiful!

What’s your view?

Do you think more lingerie brands should target the specific needs of women over 50?

Why or why not?