Has your body changed over time?

Of course it has. Does it bother you and keep you from living your life? I hope not. Getting older may not feel great sometimes, but think of the alternative, as my mother says. Getting older is something we all hope to do.

Here’s a quote by Elle Macpherson in a recent People Magazine:

Although I do not regularly read People, when I’m at the hair salon I’ve been known to pick it up. Here’s what Elle Macpherson, at age 52, says about aging:

“I don’t prance around in a bikini anymore, or a one-piece, or cutoff shorts, or very short dresses. It’s just not what I do. I’ll leave that to my 16- and 18-year old stepdaughters. At this point I like to keep it simple and not adhere to any trends. That’s the secret–the beauty of a woman as she matures is not how she tries to look younger but how she adapts to her newfound maturity.”

I appreciate her viewpoint. As a fashion model and someone who is obviously still gorgeous in her 50s and COULD wear short dresses, she’s advocating adapting to her maturity instead of wearing younger-style clothes. I can see both sides of this “age appropriate” clothing discussion. When it comes to short dresses and bikinis, regardless of your age if wearing a bikini floats your boat, I say wear it! It really is a matter of staying confident and upbeat about our appearance as we grow older.

I love working with women over fifty to honor the aging process and discover their next phase of beauty. Accepting the way we look as we age requires soul searching, honesty, and a commitment to be kind to ourselves. True beauty is much more than what you see on the outside. It’s more of a spiritual connection with ourselves, our purpose, and our divine feminine energy. If you lose touch with your feminine energy it will will surely affect the way you feel about your body, beauty, and life.

Does this sound familiar?

  • I can’t wear sleeveless dresses because I hate my arms
  • I don’t wear short dresses anymore because I have varicose veins
  • My midsection is expanding so I don’t try to dress stylishly anymore
  • I wouldn’t be caught dead in a bathing suit!

I’ve heard every one of these statements many times from women over fifty. I believe negative body statements can block the connection with our inner source of beauty.

Aging is moving into a new phase of beauty

Here are some examples of women who celebrate the aging process and the miraculous journey we are all on…

How do you stayed connected with your inner beauty and purpose?

Do you find yourself becoming more self-critical as you get older?

Or, have you rediscovered your outer beauty by reinventing your look? 

Please share your thoughts and comments below!