When the weather turns cold, you start layering on the clothing. It’s fun to bundle up in soft, luscious, warm fabrics like cashmere and wool. The stores bring in racks of black and dark gray pieces because somehow winter is the time to wear deeper colors. Somehow the stark contrast of the all-black outfit against the blinding white snow makes you feel dramatic and bold! If black and gray aren’t your best colors, you’re turning to deep plums, dark navy, and espresso brown as YOUR black. It’s a time to let your emotions go deep, put on seriously dark colors, and drink hot toddies and steaming black tea.

What about your makeup routine? Your light eye shadows and blushes don’t seem to match the deeper and darker clothing you wear in winter. Maybe you’d like to wear a smoky eye or a deep plum to accent your richly darker outfits.

I turned to the Owner of Simple Beauty Minerals and Makeup Expert, Lisa D. Liguori, to share her thoughts about changing makeup colors in the fall/winter. And I posed this question to Lisa: 

We change our clothing colors and fabrics with the seasons. What about our makeup?


Here is Lisa’s answer to my question…


Thanks, Linda! After reading your description of winter (above), I just want to say, Ahhhh — a cup of hot tea, a book, my cat on my lap, and I am ready to settle in.

But I digress. Let’s talk makeup colors that go along with the cozy, deep, dark feeling of winter. With just a touch here and there, you can avoid that lifeless feeling winter can bring on.

Lip and Nail Colors

As Linda said, the darker, colder months call for deeper colors in your clothing, and you can bring your nails and lips right along with it. Think about choosing deeper shades on your nails, such as dark navy blue, deep red, or forest green. Nude shades are satisfying in the deep of winter – choose deeper, muted shades of taupe, brown, rosy-beige. If you love your berry colors, go for deep purple or dark raspberry. How fun is that?

And yet, no rules here. If you feel the need to brighten up your days, feel free to go bright; Linda and I fully support you!

I happen to have a crush on Butter London Polish http://www.butterlondon.com/Nail/. It is free of so many of the toxins nail lacquer normally contains, the colors are gorgeous, and it’s just so very… British! (The names of polish are a hoot). I have no affiliation with the polish company, but it’s one of my favorites to use personally.

Lip? Before color — protect! Lip Balm for Hydration.

Your lips get really dry and chapped in winter — not surprising. You want to protect your lips all the time, even while you’re sleeping. Wear a lip balm under your lip color to give you extra coverage and seal in moisture. Try my organic lip balm in this Lippy Trio! Simple Beauty Minerals.

As for lip colors, your lips can also wear your copper, berry, deep purple, or dark raspberry lip colors to create a wintery look. When you wear the nude shades, be sure they are not too muted, so as not to wash yourself out. Below is MaUvelous, a rose tint nude you can wear every day. Shiny Penny is a soft pink shimmery lip gloss that is feminine and fun!

Gloss Lip Colors

MaUvelous Lip Color

Shiny Penny Lip Color

Note: Simple Beauty Minerals is in transition with our lip products. We want to carry healthy formulas for your lips and body (we do ingest what we wear on our lips) – so a gorgeous range of fully organic and seasonally colored lip colors is in the works. Linda said it was okay for me to ask you for your comments and suggestions. You can leave your comments in the Comment Box below this article, or email me at lisad@simplebeautyminerals.com. I sure would love to hear what you look for in healthy makeup and skincare. If you’re interested in trying one of my lip colors, here’s my website link.

Eye Shadow Colors

At this season of my life, I personally don’t stray too far from the basics in my eye shadow. A couple of easy touches are all you need to accent your eyes naturally.

For an everyday look, you can wear a soft brown shade all year round. If your undertones are cool, make it a cool brown or taupe. If your undertones are warm, choose a golden brown shadow. Here are some of my customers’ favorites (Linda told me her favorite new eye shadow for an everyday look is Peach!):

Now, add a shimmy highlighter underneath the brow. Nice! A soft shimmery highlighter just under your brow can really give you a boost! Don’t be concerned with shimmer, there are no fine lines under your brow for it to emphasize. In fact, this can bring a soft lift to your eyes.

For date night or special occasions, you may want to create a dramatic look. Remember, it’s best to choose one area of your face to focus on, not all over. So choose to either accent your eyes, cheeks, or lips — not all three. This is how you get that beautifully natural look. For warm tone eye shadows in winter, try eggplant, dark olive green, or expresso brown. For cool eye shadows, there is navy blue, emerald green, and dark gray. These will give you a deep, smokey eye. I have Starter Sets that allow you to sample eye shadows.

My Beauty Eye shadow Hack: Do you have a foundation (or two or three) that is sitting in your drawer in a shade that didn’t work as well as you had hoped? Use it as an easy eye shadow. Just a swipe across your lid from brow to eyelash base. This works best with powder foundations.

Foundation Colors

Now is not the time to go a shade darker in your foundation in order to bring color to your face. If you really need a boost or a glow, go with a touch of bronzer instead.

In the winter months when the sun is napping most of the day, (I wonder, does the sun take a good book and a cup of tea with her on her naps?) wear a foundation shade that matches your skin. We all know that our skin lightens in winter because we’re not exposed to as much sun. So you may want to lighten your foundation and cheek color to harmonize with your lighter skin color. I love a light peachy glow in the winter, or simply using a bronzer dusting to give my face a little “I just got back from a ski trip in Aspen” look!

Thank you, Linda, for allowing me to share my love for makeup with your ladies. I wish you all the best! And don’t be shy about leaving a comment about your makeup wishes. I’m listening!

About Lisa D. Liguori

Lisa D Liguori is owner/founder of Simple Beauty Minerals – the non-toxic beauty brand that helps women of all ages feel authentically confident and safely beautiful.

Stay tuned for Lisa Liguori’s next article in March where she will preview spring makeup colors. Spring time is just around the corner!

If you’re interested in exploring Lisa’s beauty mineral makeup and skincare, I highly recommend it. In fact, I use it myself! Lisa and I met because she attended my style workshop a couple years ago, and when we spoke we discovered we had mutual interests. Now I’ve become an affiliate of her makeup and skincare because I love it so much. It’s made with loving care, it’s as good for your skin as she can make it, and the mineral foundations are amazing. She offers a 20% discount for first time buyers, and if you head over to the Pro-Aging Tip blog post on her website you can grab your discount and Pro Aging Makeup. What I most love about Lisa’s products is that she is one of us — a woman over fifty — so she understands how important what we put on our skin is to our anti-aging efforts. Here’s a link to get you to the website >> Simple Beauty Minerals.