I’ve been an Image Stylist To Women Over Fifty for eight years, helping women who are feeling unstylish and frumpy rediscover their style mojo and confidence. It’s a calling that I’ve been preparing for my entire life, and being married to a sculptor and artist helps me see a woman’s body as a work of art. It’s all about seeing yourself as an artist would, and choosing colors and fabrics that give you vibrancy and style.

As a woman over sixty myself, I am always on the lookout for the perfect top. One that combines a flattering silhouette with great fabric and a fabulous price. The Mandy top from Covered Perfectly fulfills the entire wish list!

Women are always telling me they want a top that is comfortable AND flattering. Here are the things I LOVE about the Mandy Top:

  • The Mandy’s fabric is soft and not clingy, so it just falls over your curves effortlessly. Women are also looking for a neckline that complements their bust line, without revealing too much cleavage. Plus most of their tops are great for layering, as they’re not too heavy.
  • The Mandy neckline is just low enough to show off the most beautiful part of a woman’s décolletage, while not too low to be unflattering.
  • The key to finding tops that coordinate with your wardrobe is having color choices – The Mandy (as well as all the Covered Perfectly tops) comes in a variety of colors. The key is to wear colors that make your skin look radiant, and this olive green Mandy Top is perfect for my warm skin tone. You’ll be able to find the colors that look beautiful against your skin, too!
  • The length of The Mandy is not too short and not too long. It looks great paired with skinny jeans and also works with a loose wide-legged pant!
  • Most women over fifty want a top that covers their arms – without being too tight. The Mandy’s ¾ sleeve is perfect for covering the upper arm, while still providing comfort and wearability.
  • The fit of this top is perfect for a woman who wants to camouflage her tummy area because the fit and flare fabric flows away from your mid-section.
  • You can wear the top by itself, paired with a beautiful necklace or scarf. Or, wear a topper in a contrasting color to give your outfit pizzazz!

I’m endorsing these tops because Covered Perfectly understands the desires and concerns of real woman. We want to stay current, be comfortable, and feel beautiful when we walk out the door.

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