What if I told you just by changing the color of what you’re wearing you can change the way you and others feel, which can change your reality? Crazy? I don’t think so. You’ve probably noticed that color changes the way you FEEL. That’s pretty powerful medicine! Perhaps this is worth considering next time you want to change your mood or create more impact.


…Wearing an outfit that elevates your depressed mood

…Delivering an important presentation with more clarity and confidence

…Cheering up a sad friend just by wearing a certain color

It’s all possible when you pay attention to the colors you wear! Color should INSPIRE you every day and you can use the power of color to invoke the energy you’re seeking that day.

What about learning the colors that are harmonious with your own natural coloring? This is important, too. When you wear colors that support your own coloring, you feel more balanced and powerful. You can still invoke the power of color, you’ll just be wearing a particular shade or tint of the color. If you’re not sure what colors are best for you, or, you had your colors done twenty years ago but you’re not sure you can wear the same colors now that your hair and coloring is changing, I can help you update the colors in your wardrobe!

If you’d like a quick color analysis as well as a deep dive into color lesson, check out my virtual program, Embody Your Confidence, and choose the color module. It includes a 30-minute style consultation with me! I’ll give you personal color advice and help you stop wearing the colors that age you, and start wearing colors that make you look and feel radiant!

Let’s start with a fascinating primer about color and energy. Color is a visible light wave of energy.  Warm colors, or yellow-based, are longer wavelengths, and cool colors, or blue-based, are shorter. Colors correspond to the different energy centers in the body called chakras, the seven centers of spiritual power.

It is helpful to understand the meaning of color by relating them to their corresponding chakras. Higher vibrational colors, such as purple, relate to the crown chakra, while lower vibrational colors, such as red, relate to the root chakra that deals with more animal needs, like sex and survival.

  1. Crown Chakra “Sahasrara” (Purple or White): Associated with spirituality, enlightenment and connection with Source Energy.
  2. Third Eye Chakra “Anja” (Indigo/Very Dark Blues): Intuition, dreams, psychic ability
  3. Throat Chakra “Vishuddha” (Blue): Communication, speech, hearing
  4. Heart Chakra “Anahata” (Green or Pink): Love
  5. Solar Plexus/Naval Chakra “Manipura” (Yellow): Power
  6. Sacral Chakra “Swadhisthana” (Orange): Sexuality, creativity
  7. Root Chakra “Muladhara” (Red, Brown, Black, or Gray): Survival, protection, being grounded

You can decide what to wear every day using the energy of color to empower the reality you’re seeking!

Survival & Protection

RED is represented in the root chakra, our base. Let’s say you’ve got a meeting with an important client that makes or breaks your financial situation, or just need a little grounding, wear something bright red, like this Navabi sheath dress. The red attracts luck and money, as the Chinese have believed for centuries. Simply put, RED represents the life force and is connected to survival and being grounded. Okay, brown, black, or gray will evoke the same root energy, but red gets the blood flowing!

Sexuality & Joy

Trying to amp up your sex life or bring more joy and compassion into your life? ORANGE relates to joy and desire, connecting with others, and sexual vitality and creativity. This is a powerhouse color! I love this orange dress worn by Elizabeth Johnson, Mindful Eating & Well-Life Coach for Women. She represents health, joy and compassion with her Facebook Group, LIVE DELICIOUSLY: Mindset Mastery, Well-Life Practices, & Rockin’ Recipes.

Cheerfulness & Self-Confidence

As many people seem to know intuitively, YELLOW is the color of self-confidence, so if you need a boost in self-esteem, throw on a canary yellow top with a pair of skinny jeans. Yellow also stimulates your brain activity and creativity, hence the reason yellow pads are yellow 🙂

Love & Nature

GREEN is the color of nature, fertility, and rebirth. GREEN and PINK are associated with the heart chakra and our ability to love. It’s calming and earthy, and will put anyone around you at ease. The perfect color to wear when visiting a friend in the hospital, it will put her at ease and send her loving energy.

Communication & Self-Expression

Blue is found in the throat chakra and deals with self-expression and communication. Social psychologist, Amy Cuddy, gave her mega-popular TED Talk wearing a teal blue top with a steel gray jacket, and a touch of pink lip color – the ultimate communication/grounding/loving color combination.

Intuition & Dreams

Indigo, a very deep blue, relates to our imagination, intuition and psychic ability. Got a big decision to make? Writing the last chapter of your book and you need to crank up the creative imagination? Put on a gorgeous indigo assymetrical dress like this one.

Spirituality and Luxury

The color most related to power, luxury, and wisdom is purple. It’s royalty. It is very much related to spirituality and enlightenment.  Ever wonder why royals and high members of the church wear violet? It’s because this color is related to power, wisdom and wealth. These high fashion accessories, or this Chico’s sateen blouse, or even the HSN resort tunic and palazzo pants look luxurious in purple. Bring out your power energy and attract enlightenment with purple!


I am so inspired by color and I hope this short article inspires YOU to explore your colors and their meanings. Next time you want to channel your energy and change your reality, don’t forget to include what you wear into the power equation. And, please let me know what you’ve discovered about wearing certain colors and how they affect your life. I’d love to hear from you!