Heading out on a summer trip?

Wondering what to bring so you can feel comfortable, confident, and prepared for anything? Here are some style tips and packing suggestions for your summer adventure:


No matter where you’re going, country cottage or big city sightseeing, packing predominantly neutral colors allows you to coordinate pieces easily. If you’re going to Europe, you already know Europeans prefer darker, more muted colors, especially in the big cities. Wearing darker neutrals in Paris affords the “blending in” advantages. You will see beautiful silk scarves, however! So save your splashes of color for your accessories.

Neutral colors are black, gray, navy, brown, taupe, tan/beige, and off-whites. Gray is the new BLACK, so this is a great summertime neutral to build a wardrobe around if your coloring is cool.

But, if you’re like me, neutrals can be boring, so think about mixing light and dark neutrals, such as a heather gray and a “gun metal” gray. Or, creamy white and taupe (love this color combo!). These are surprisingly dressy, and very classy color duos.

Soft Surroundings

Here are some staple dark neutrals you should consider for your trip (and, please, don’t pack all black!).







A woman of style cannot live by neutrals alone. So, add your color in tops, a sweater, bright summer dress, scarves, shoes, or bags. Let’s say you’re wearing a light gray silk shirt with a pair of dark wash jeans and a pair of black loafers. Your pop of color could be layers of colorful necklaces, a scarf, or purple handbag. It’s all about cohesively mixing and matching colors TO CREATE AN IMPACT. I love wearing tribal and geometric patterns, so that’s where I would bring in some interest. You can also mix patterns as long as they’re in similar color combinations. For instance, you could have a black and white striped top and wear a black and white floral or blanket scarf around your neck.




A capsule wardrobe is everything you will need for a particular lifestyle activity, in this case, travel. You’ll need to do your homework to discover what the weather will be like, what activities you’ll be doing, and whether or not there will be laundry facilities. A Summer Capsule Travel Wardrobe may include:

  • Several wrinkle-resistant tops in mix-and-match colors
  • Jeans (dark wash that can be dressed up), cropped pants, leggings, and linen culottes or walking shorts in neutral colors
  • One or two cotton, linen or silk sundresses
  • A poncho or wrap in a dark neutral color or pattern
  • A sweater in a neutral color
  • A raincoat (preferably lightweight)
  • The most comfortable shoes you own in booties, sandals, and flats
  • Accessories: beautiful scarf, necklace/earrings/bracelet, sun hat, sunglasses (the chicest pair you can find)A versatile handbag, perhaps a backpack style or cross body for safety
  • Toiletries (sunscreen, moisturizing lotion, wipes, makeup, hair products)

Look in your closet and pick out two or three pieces you love, love, love, and that evoke a feeling of excitement and perhaps, mystery, when you wear them. Travel is an adventure, so think about what character you’d like to play on your trip. Will you be the strong heroine who is ready to save the world from disaster? Will you be the curious, nerdy type who observes everyone and takes notes for your future novel? Or, will you be the perky, talkative one who makes new, lifelong friends with strangers and discovers the hippest restaurants? Okay, I’m being a bit dramatic… The point is your clothes are a way of expressing who you are, so why not have some expressive fun on your trip? Have you been saving a colorful, silk tunic top for a special occasion? Are you dying to wear that vintage jacket you found in a thrift store? What about the cold-shoulder loose knit top you just bought? Or how about those fabulous leopard flats that always get compliments? Pack signature pieces that excite you because they will set your mood every day.



Let’s face it, if you’re going to Europe, it’s all about the food. So, don’t overthink this. Just pack loose-fitting clothing, such as elastic waistband pants or leggings, flowy dresses, and loose-fitting, lightweight tunic tops. Keep the colors neutral and the fabrics chic. I usually layer my outfits, so a lightweight top allows me to throw a jacket or sweater over it. A comfortable and classy look is the combination of a short top and a long topper (jacket or sweater), or a long, tunic top and a short jacket.The key component of comfort is fit. Only bring clothes on your trip that fit you perfectly and aren’t constricting. No lying on the bed to zip up your pants! No popped buttons at the bust! Try everything on before you pack. And definitely do not bring brand new shoes!! I still remember hearing a woman crying and screaming in pain after coming back from our 3-day hiking/camping trip in the Lake Tahoe Mts. Her boots were brand new, and they created the hugest blisters. Amazingly, she endured the blisters until she got back to civilization where she sat in a bathtub with plastic bags over her blistered feet crying in pain. I will never, ever pack new shoes on any trip after witnessing that!


Wherever you go, whatever you do on your summer trip, make it easy and effortless by planning ahead of time. Bring not only your clothing and accessories, but bring your ATTITUDE and CONFIDENCE! And have the best time of your life…

I can help you prepare your summer vacation wardrobe to make packing effortless and fun.

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