You probably think this blog is about hair color. It’s not. Sex? I’m not that kind of stylist.

I thought I’d share a letter I received from a client for whom I did a closet clean-out. She titled her letter to me, “Fifty Shades of Gray.” I know the positive results of a closet cleanout, but it’s hard for me to describe the transformations (inside and outside) that women experience because it’s such an individual thing. Transformations are special. I’ll bet you can recall each and every transformational moment in your life. Sometimes a transformation takes a lot of time and effort, sometimes it happens effortlessly and unexpectedly.

Many women carry around myths and beliefs about their beauty and bodies from the things their mothers said to them, pictures we see in advertising, and messages we’ve heard about how our bodies should look. Sometimes my #1 job is to break through these myths and allow a woman to see her beauty in a new and different way. From the inside out. In other words, my job is to create AHA MOMENTS…

Here is one client’s aha moment (she titled her letter to me “Fifty Shades of Gray”):


“My friend, Lynne, has the perfect husband.  So, naturally, he gave her the perfect birthday gift:  a wardrobe purge with stylist Linda Waldon. Lynne enjoyed the experience so much she suggested I book Linda for a closet purge, too.

Kathryn Rogers – Before Transformation

In a four hour journey, Linda leads the wardrobe-misdirected to their True Colors.  Having not shopped since 1989, I was sorely in need of her guidance. After a quick perusal of my closet, Linda set up her

[teaching tools] in my bedroom. She started by arranging four large poster boards around the room: the posters are labeled Gold, Platinum, Copper and Silver. [Note from Linda: I have created my own versions of the 4 color palettes, spring, summer, fall, and winter.] She explained that our true colors are as much a reflection of our personalities as our hair, skin and eye color. By way of example, she holds up the Gold poster. The Gold board is dazzling with warm inviting hues, glittering gold jewelry and personality traits that include “lights up the room,” and “life of the party.” 

She’s got my attention now. 

Not waiting for her to finish the others, I interject, “That’s me, right?” “No,” she says gently, “That’s your friend, Lynne.” 

She pulls out another poster with many of the same colors except that each color is muted with gray.  She turns over my wrist and points to the spot under my chin where the sun doesn’t shine.  “See, more blue than yellow.  You’re more of a cool than warm.  You’re Platinum.”  Along with the personality traits on the poster — serene, detail-oriented, romantic — are pictures of actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow and Helen Mirren. 

Truthfully, I’ve always identified more with Renee Zellweger (Gold palette) than Gwyneth Paltrow, so Linda has to prove it to me. 

She starts by taking me into my own closet.  Unmindfully, I’ve chosen clothes in the platinum hues.  Sage green, lavender, and mauve.  They were all there.  Sure there were mistakes, too.  Impulse buys that now stood out as glaring errors. Stark blacks and whites, while basic, that were just too severe for my delicate coloring.  With her discerning eye, Linda was able to quickly toss aside the wardrobe “no’s” and start reassembling what I already have using my True Colors.  We put on a little fashion show in ensembles it had never occurred to me to combine. 

Linda took pictures with my phone so I’d have a ‘catalog’ of my own closet.  Then she compiled a shopping list for me and gave me a color card to take with me to stores to make sure I get home with the right platinum hues.

I was curious to know why it mattered.  What’s the harm of my wearing bright red lipstick or stop-sign yellow?  Well, Linda’s theory goes to our subconscious, a primitive part of the brain that sorts out friend from foe and recognizes by color who’s a “member of the tribe.”  By wearing your true colors, she says, you’re being true to yourself.  By dressing the part, you’re signalling who you really are the moment you walk into a room.  I had my doubts, but I was willing to play along.

Here’s the kicker: when I tried on some of the combinations Linda magically assembled from my own closet, I became a believer.  And, when I added a few scarves in my palette, I was astonished at the feedback I got from people I know well, not to mention perfect strangers.  Even when I look in the mirror, I see myself emerge more than ever before.  What can I say but I’m a believer in True Colors and in Linda Waldon.”

— written by Kathryn Rogers, San Luis Obispo, California

I didn’t post this as a commercial for my services (although, if you’re so inclined I do offer a virtual style consultation that is very effective!), I’m offering you this story as a reminder that even at the ripe old age of 50, 60, or 70+ you are still able to receive aha moments that give you a new perspective on yourself and on life! This is what I live for. I believe in the power of the AHA. Do you?

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Living in shades of gray is fine,
but it’s the moments of colorful surprise that create the spice of life

Love and Light, Linda