The beginning of every year brings an opportunity to make slight adjustments and improvements on the past year.

For instance, last year did you buy anything that made you ask, “What was I thinking?” LOL!

Were you unable to get your look pulled together for a special event? Or, did you completely ignore your dysfunctional closet and slide into the Land of Frump-a-Dump last year?

To ensure a bright start to the year, take a moment to set intentions, think positive thoughts, and reflect on the past year. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. You may not need a complete style makeover — just make one or two changes that result in a more confident look.

Think about the style you want to achieve, and analyze your favorite outfits from the past year. Consider adding something new to your wardrobe inspired by the Spring 2016 Trends!

What did you wear most often? What got you the most compliments? What didn’t you enjoy wearing?

I recommend coming up with style goals at the beginning of every year if for no other reason than to motivate you to try something new. Been thinking about a different hairstyle, trying a new fashion trend, wearing a shoe with a pop of color, or getting rid of closet clutter?

Keep an eye on Spring 2016 Trends you might be interested in. This year there is something for everyone! Bohemian tribal, geometric and animal prints, pastels for soft color combos, lace for a feminine touch, bright complementary colors, and any hemline:

Here are 10 style goal ideas to kick start the year (pick one or two):

  1. Simplify your wardrobe by pairing down the number and variety of clothes in your closet
  2. Wear finer fabrics such as natural fabrics, silk, 100% wool, linen, thicker knits
  3. Find a tailor and improve the fit of your garments — here are examples of what you might ask a tailor to do: 
    • improve the fit of a jacket by shortening the sleeves or taking in the waist
    • change a long dress into a knee-length dress
    • shorten pants to wear with flats or take in the waist to remove gaps
    • change the neckline of a top from crew to v-neck to elongate your bodice
    • replace the buttons on a top or jacket to change the look
  4. Add more color to your wardrobe – try at least one new color
  5. Accessorize every outfit with a choice of scarves, necklaces, bracelets, handbag, or fabulous shoes (even t-shirt and jeans!)
  6. Insert a trendy piece into your classic wardrobe — such as, leggings, jumpsuit, or poncho
  7. STOP buying exclusively black pants and tops – you have enough!
  8. Add a long cardigan and/or signature jacket to create a polished look
  9. Find the perfect pair of booties (ankle boots) and wear them with everything
  10. No more settling when it comes to buying new clothes – you have to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it to buy it

Which style goals are you setting this year?