If you have even LESS money this season to spend on new clothes, here are some tips to stretching your dollars and still enjoying a fresh, new wardrobe:

  1. Add some trendy pieces to your wardrobe, like a faux fur vest or a long cardigan sweater, that cost less than $40.  Stores like Gap, Marshalls, and if you must, Kohl’s, are showing all these trendy items that will add a little chic to your outfits.
  2. Find your local clothing resale stores (consignment) and stretch your budget.  It is amazing how many pieces you will find with the tags still on the clothes in consignment stores.  You’re buying someone else’s mistakes!  For at least 40% less!
  3. Buy a scarf or two, in your colors, to add a POP to your wardrobe.  A scarf, tied in a new way, can make a plain white blouse look completely new!
  4. Buy a new purse or a fedora hat to make a new statement.
  5. Layer pieces that you already own in a new way — make sure the pieces are made of light fabric so you don’t look too bulky.

Enjoy this beautiful Fall season!  Write me and tell me what you’re doing to stretch your budget.