The fashion industry comes out every year around this time with their runway looks for the Fall Season, and the fashion magazines are two inches thick with “What to Wear Now” advice for women.  They want to get you excited to go out and buy NEW clothes
and accessories, and you can do exactly that — even on a tight budget!

Not all the new Fall looks and colors (cobalt blue, shimmery gold, and camel) are going to look great on you, so you need to be selective when you adopt the new trends.

And if money is a little tight for you right now, here are some looks that won’t cost you:


Fall fashion colors range from camel to bright purple to metalic.  For those who are familiar with the True Color palettes, camel looks best on GOLDS, purples look great on everyone (depending upon the tone). Bright red and cobalt blue are best on a SILVER.  Military olive green is a great COPPER color.  Metallic gold will make a COPPER pop!  So all you Autumns out there are going to LOVE the Fall trends.


Wide animal print, Wide Leather with Metal Clasp, Skinny patten leather or studded leather.

All belts are fashionable this season, and they can define the narrowest part of your body.

Chic Sunglasses

Check out Marshalls or Ross for chic styles at $5.  No one will know the difference!

Be aware of your face shape, and match the shape and size of the sunglasses to your face.

Military Look

The military look is on the runways this season.  Double-breasted jackets, olive green pants, olive green chambray blouses, etc.

If you are on a tight budget, check out your local surplus store for military clothes and accessories.

Faux fur vests

They’re everywhere!  Check out Express, Old Navy, Piperlime, and even your local thrift store (I picked up a short faux fur vest at my local Goodwill in perfect condition!).

These animal-friendly vests can be layered over t-shirts to dresses and keep you snuggly warm!

Pea Coats

They’re baaaaaack!  Pea coats are everywhere — check out Old Navy, Gap, and thrift stores for cute shorty peacoats
reminiscent of the good ole days and channel your inner school girl, preppy look.