You know it when you see it – a sexy man walking down the street with confidence and swagger. His clothes are impeccable and he is well groomed. How does he do it? Did he spend a fortune on his clothes and hair stylist? Not necessarily.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to dress well. You just have to know what colors and styles look best on you, buy quality pieces that will last, and know how to combine pieces to look put together and sexy at any age. There are plenty of affordable, style-centric stores and there is always eBay!


Why Color Is Important

The most important element of dressing to impress is to get YOUR colors right. Wearing the right colors can make the difference between:

  • Looking healthy vs. looking sick
  • Looking old vs. looking young
  • Making a lasting impression vs. being forgettable

If you wear the wrong colors, you will drain the natural color from your face, make dark circles and blemishes appear darker, and your clothes could attract more attention than you do. I tell clients “…If your clothes show up before you do then you’re wearing the wrong colors!” People should focus on you, not your clothes.

Men’s Fashion Tips

Tip #1:

Find out what your color palette is. Your colors are based on your hair color, skin color, eye color, and even your personality. I have created a color system of four different palettes called Gold, Platinum, Copper, and Silver metals. If you send me your photo (send to I will help you choose your color palette. You can purchase your own color card on my website


You are Gold, if your skin tone is ivory, peachy pink, or golden beige. Your hair is golden blond, strawberry red, or golden brown. Your eyes are blue, green, teal or aqua, with a “sunburst” around your pupils. Think golden tones, bright, clear coloring.



You are Platinum, if your skin tone is fair and pale with visible pink coloring. If you are African American, your skin will have a grayish tone. Your hair is ash blond or ash brown – ash is a mix of gray and brown. Unlike Golds, your hair will have gray, not gold undertones. And your eyes are the color of the ocean, blue-gray, green-gray, hazel, or gray.


You are Copper, if your skin tone is a warm creamy peach to golden to copper. Your hair has red, golden brown, or dark tones. Your eyes are usually golden brown, olive green, or even steel blue.


You are Silver, if your skin tone is either pale gray-beige, olive-toned, dark black, or sallow (yellow-toned). Silvers may have extremely white or light skin and dark hair – a study in contrasts. Your hair is brown, dark brown or black, and you may gray prematurely. Your eyes are black-brown, red-brown, green, or blue.



Tip #2:

Use clothing to make a statement about yourself, increase your self confidence and increase your bottom line. We all know that business attire has become more relaxed, but that doesn’t mean you should wear baggie shorts and flip flops to work! Instead, wear a nice button down shirt with a coordinated t-shirt underneath to give you a pop of color and style.

Tip #3:

Buy clothes in your color palette and you will be able to coordinate more outfits and define a powerful image. It makes shopping easier and faster when you know exactly what colors to buy.