Do you open your closet door and feel joy, excitement, clarity, and peace?  Okay, you can stop laughing now….

Here’s the truth:  your closet should bring you JOY.  You deserve to feel happy, excited, prepared for any occasion, and organized when you look in your closet.

I believe that our closets are a reflection of our lives.  At the most extreme, your closet reveals how you perceive and value yourself — the idea being that you don’t take the time to create an organized, functional closet because you feel you don’t deserve it.  At the very least, your cluttered closet slows you down getting dressed in the morning, or causes you to waste money buying clothes you already have, but couldn’t find!

Is This Your Closet?

Do you hold onto old clothes like old memories?
Do you hold onto your Size 6 clothes hoping they will fit you again some day?
Do you buy clothes that look good on the mannikin but not so good on you?
Do you have clothes with the tags still on?


The Pathway to Closet Joy

If you want to open your closet and feel excited to get dressed in the morning, then you need to do a few simple things:

  1. Hire a style consultant to find out what colors and styles look best on you.  The only way to weed out the bad clothes is to know what works for you!  The money and time will be well spent and it will last a lifetime.
  2. Clean out your closet. Take everything out of your closet, and only put back the clothes that fit you, look great on you, coordinate with other clothes, and are ready to be worn (no holes, tears, broken zippers).
  3. Organize your clothes by function and color. Hang the tops together, pants, skirts, jackets, etc.  And group everything into similar colors.  That way, if you have a pair of brown pants and you’re looking for a gold or off-white top to match, you know where to look!  Makes getting dressed quick and effortless!
Promise yourself that you will start the new year with an organized, beautiful closet that brings you joy and happiness!

Do you have a story about a closet transformation that you would like to share?  Questions about closet organization?  Send in your comments and questions!