Have you seen the September 2014 issue of InStyle magazine? Whoooeee! It’s an inch of pure fashion fun and trendy ideas to spruce up your sexy, fall wardrobe.

You’ll see trends such as thick knit sweaters, sweetheart necklines, menswear, flared jeans, cognac accessories, boxy coats, white pumps after Labor Day, aubergine, tailored culottes, animal prints (yes, still around!), monochromatic colored outfits, chunky knits, furry faux coats, flat oxfords, miniskirts, long skirts (yes, on the page after miniskirts), luxe track pants, nude makeup and nail art. You get the idea…

For those who have been around the block a few times, you’re probably not running out to buy all the latest trends. Your style is more about individual expression, comfort, classicism, exhibiting strength and confidence. So my advice is choose one or two trends that light you up inside and pair them with your existing wardrobe. Here’s some suggestions (Men’s fall trend ideas coming soon!):

Loose-Fitting, Wide Pants

Harem Pants_72dpiI’m talking harem pants, silky loose track pants, boyfriend jeans, and wide-all-over trousers. Boot cut and flared jeans.

Elegantly sloppy.

If you’ve been living in skinny jeans and leggings for years, this is quite a switch. I have a feeling this loose pant style is like a potato chip — you can’t stop with just one!


Winter White

Cotton-2BBlend-2BWinter-2BWhite-2BBiker-2BJacketWhite is hot again for fall and winter.

This cotton-blend biker jacket looks great over a pop of color such as tomato red, mustard or aubergine. A great alternative to neutral gray, black, and brown.

Pair with colorful eyewear, cream wool pants, and animal print pumps!





Mural-2BSequin-2BBomber-2BJacketA dream come true if you dress for comfort first!

Invest in an upscale sweatshirt, silky track pants, or a bomber jacket. You’ll feel like you walked out the door in your pajamas, and you’ll be completely fashion forward.

This is a sporty look that may take you back to your h.s. daze…




Boots and Booties

Free-2BPeople-2BBootieWe’re still wearing our booties from summer to winter, and it looks like there’s no stopping this trend.

Wear booties with skirts and dresses. Here are a few tips to pull off this look:
  • Keep hose and booties a similar color to create a longer leg line
  • If flat booties are hard for you to pull off, wear a heeled bootie for a longer look
  • When wearing mid-calf boots, show a little knee
  • Booties that are low and close to the ankle tend to look more flattering