Updating your Wardrobe Staples every couple years is an important activity because it keeps your outfits current. Wardrobe Staples are not to be confused with the basic foundation pieces, such as underwear, socks, sleepwear, etc. Wardrobe Staples are the versatile building blocks that make your outfit come together in a cohesive look. If your staples aren’t in place you will probably end up with a lot of closet orphans, or one-offs, that don’t really coordinate with anything.

Your Wardrobe Staples will be different than mine. They’re very personalized and based on your signature style, climate, body type, and personality. Do you prefer to wear a blazer over your t-shirt or button-down shirt? Prefer jeans to dressy trousers? Or, do you wear pencil skirts and maxis? It’s important to ensure that your wardrobe staples are current. You should revisit seasonally to ensure the staples still fit, suit your lifestyle needs, are fashionable and in good shape. Yes, even jeans wear out!

My list of Wardrobe Staples has changed over the years as I’ve simplified my lifestyle and work mostly from home. My climate is warm and temperate most of the year, so I don’t make dramatic wardrobe shifts from one season to the next. I now prefer to wear nearly flat sandals, shoes and boots versus tall heels. Here’s my list:

  1. V-neck t-shirts and loose-fitting tops: I collect v-neck t-shirts in high quality cotton in all my colors. I also wear a lot of loose-fitting tops that I sometimes half-tuck in front. These looser tops range in color, geometric patterns, and even animal prints.
  2. Casual blazers (including a jean jacket): I still love adding a casual blazer over a pair of jeans and a nice top when I meet with clients or go out to lunch with friends. A jacket pulls my outfit together, and with the addition of a colorful scarf, I have a chic, casual look. My blazers include denim, corduroy, wool, silk and cotton.
  3. Cardigan sweaters: I own several cardigans in various lengths and thicknesses.When the weather gets chilly, my favorite outfit is a long-sleeved t-shirt, jeans, cardigan and boots.
  4. Jeans: I just discovered and purchased a pair of Gap Boyfriend jeans for running around town. These aren’t for everyone, as they’re loose and won’t show off your beautiful curves. However, for comfort I give them an A++. I have several skinny jeans in dark blue, black, white, tan skinny, and spring colors. I’m happy to see bootleg jeans making a comeback because I held onto my Paige bootleg jeans!
  5. Dressy Tops and Cigarette Pants: My signature look for events and speaking engagements is a fitted silk top with a black or navy cigarette pant, topped by a dressy blazer (Theory or BCBG), and either suede Sam Edelman booties or black gladiator sandals. The look is fashionable, versatile and best of all, comfortable for sitting and walking.
  6. Chunky, colorful necklaces and metal bracelets: I love finding unique necklaces that POP my outfit. A local artist makes beautiful, one-of-a-kind necklaces from antique pieces she finds all over the world. Another local artist hammers gorgeous copper bracelets — I love wearing copper because that’s my True Colors metal as a COPPER (discover your True Colors!).
  7. Tall Flat Boots and Booties: Black and Neutral: I have a black Sam Edelman tall boot that I bought at Finders Keepers Consignment, brown suede tall boot, and several booties in browns, tan, cognac and black. Most are several seasons old, but they still look current and attractive.

If you haven’t already done so, consider making a list of Wardrobe Staples. When clients call me for a style emergency session it’s often a case of missing or dated wardrobe staples. These are not the most exciting items to shop for, but they transform your wardrobe into signature style outfits. When you keep your staples current and replenished you’ll have a stress-free dressing experience every day!