I find there is a natural inertia, or complacency, when it comes to hiring a style consultant. If you ask any woman whether she’s in favor of hiring someone to help her clean and organize her closet to create fabulous outfits that work, she’ll invariably say YES. But when it comes to actually scheduling this service, she’ll find many reasons to avoid it.

Perhaps this stems from an underlying nervousness about confronting poor clothing choices she’s made in the past (who hasn’t made mistakes?), or the fact that some of her favorite clothes don’t fit anymore. She just doesn’t want to go there! What is it about our closet that reminds us of the past and all the experiences we’ve enjoyed or regretted?

A style consultant can help you “heal your closet” by removing the confusing clutter and old reminders. She’ll help you rediscover the hidden treasures in your closet that bring you joy and she’ll make those clothes more present in your life. Cleaning out your closet is like a spiritual reawakening — out with the old, in with the new! 

Here’s a compelling reason to hire a style consultant

She will take you by the hand and guide you gently (or maybe she’ll be more like Jillian Michaels shouting at you with tough love) through the process of confronting your cluttered closet, cleaning out what doesn’t work, returning the garments that still fit and work for you, and organizing beautiful, put-together outfits. In the end you’ll discover that almost everything you need is in your closet. You just have to clear out everything that doesn’t work for you anymore! Doesn’t this sound like a metaphor for life?

Another reason to hire a style consultant

She will help you create “Go-To Outfits” for your current lifestyle. For example, she could create complete, accessorized outfits for your:

  • Client meetings
  • Job interviews
  • Date nights
  • Speaking engagements

Yes, this service does cost money, I won’t kid you. Style consultants have to earn a living. But my experience has been that no one has EVER regretted it; on the contrary, what I hear from my clients proves to me that this very personal, very motivational and life-changing experience is worth every dollar and moment you spend.

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