I think about how different the dressing style rules were for our mothers and grandmothers, and how much more freedom we have today to express ourselves, regardless of age. When I was a child, my mother dressed very differently than my grandmother or younger women. Now, the same pair of designer jeans and top can be worn by a 20-year-old and a 65-year-old. These days, your dress style depends more on your lifestyle, personality and career than your age. Our goals have changed, too. Now we get to express our individualism, celebrate our power, energy, and wisdom, at EVERY AGE.

The key to looking powerful and energetic at any age is to BE POWERFUL AND ENERGETIC. It’s not just about wearing the latest style trends. Wearing trends can backfire when they’re wrong for your personality or figure shape. You can always temper a trend by pairing it with a classic piece. 

Take the trend of silky track pants and printed loose pants. Silky track pants are trousers made of dressier woven fabrications that are cut like fleece sweat pants or “track pants”.

They usually have an elastic waistband and drawstring, are tapered at the ankle, and are roomy right through the leg. The baggy fit is about relaxed comfort and a small amount of slouch.

When not styled carefully it can read “early 90s” in a bad way. That’s why no matter what your age, if you don’t like a trend, or you don’t know how to style it, you might want to let it pass. If you do like a trend, and it suits your lifestyle and figure, then go for it, regardless of your age!

Here’s my recipe for looking energetic and powerful at any age:

  • BE energetic and BE powerful
  • Take the best care of your health (eat well and stay active)
  • Get a modern hair style that suites your face and skin tone
  • Make sure your clothes FIT well
  • Wear great-fitting undergarments (yes, that means a professional fitting and spending serious money!)
  • Update your eye wear (buy chic, trendy sunglasses and adventurous eyeglasses)
  • Revamp your makeup and skincare routine (radiant looking skin is ageless!)
  • Invest in high quality, chic shoes (who doesn’t notice a great pair of shoes?)
  • LOVE whatever age you’re at!

Speaking of shoes, I’m creating a webinar, “If The Shoe Fits…” that’s all about what shoes to wear with different outfits, what shoes to wear if your feet aren’t perfect, and more shoe talk. I’ll announce the webinar soon…