Your Silver colors are pure, clean, intense colors that are never muted. The foundation of any personal color palette is based on the natural colors found in your skin, hair, and eyes. Your coloring is cool, and your skin has a slight blue or blue-pink undertone, but the people who share your Silver personal blueprint can have vastly different skin tones — from milky white to olive to black. Icy color tones make your skin sparkle! Think vivid, icy, clear, with sharp contrasts when you shop. Wearing monochromatic colors or two colors at most brings out your regal princess!


this is a partial list of the colors that will make you look fabulous!  for a complete list of your colors purchase a Silver color card on the home page of my blog. your color card is a small fan-deck that comes with a beautiful fabric pouch to protect it.your clear colors include lemon yellow, all shades of gray, black, orange, hot pink, magenta, true red, blue red, bright burgundy
limit to 2 colors or wear one color for a monochromatic look
your black is actually BLACK!! Lucky you!


Michelle Obama at the Democratic National Convention. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

your style silhouette should be inspired by your body shape, creating balance in your body proportions. your SILVER personal blueprint calls for smooth, stiff fabrics, your silhouette is simple, striking, structural, with parallel lines in any direction. your skirts are narrow pencil skirts or straight A-lines. your pants are straight leg or structured wide leg if you need to balance wider shoulders or hips. your shirts have a stiff collar or no collar at all. think parallel lines when you create your silhouettes and you will always look poised and authoritative.


shiny silver, platinum, white gold, pearls, diamonds
clean, bold, simple, structural designs
elongated oval and rectangle shapes harmonize with your face shape


when you wear a scarf, wear it flat and hanging parallel on either side
purses made of smooth, firm fabrics, bold accents, square or rectangle shape
belts worn at the waist, smooth, firm, paten leather is classy
shoes can have pointed, square, or oval toe, no rounded toe
eyeglasses silver-colored, frameless, or bold frame (ala Jacque Kennedy)