DebraMessing_CopperWhat colors come to mind when you think of an Autumn day? Golds, oranges, browns, and greens. Your Copper colors are like a crisp autumn day. They are golden, earthy, fiery colors.

Your colors are rich with golden undertones. The foundation of any personal color palette is based on the natural colors found in your skin, hair, and eyes.

Your coloring is warm, your skin is creamy peach, golden beige, or even deep copper, so the colors you wear should be just as golden and warm.


here is a partial view of your color palette. for a complete list of your colors purchase a Copper color card on the home page of my blog. your color card is a small fan-deck that comes with a beautiful fabric pouch to protect it.

your colors include oyster (beige) white, warm beige to dark chocolate brown, mustard yellow, pumpkin, gold, orange, copper, and bronze


black is harsh for your warm skin tone, so instead of wearing a lot of black, try the following colors instead of black: deep teal, dark chocolate brown


your style silhouette should be inspired by your body shape, creating balance in your body proportions. your COPPER personal blueprint calls for textured, rich, substantial fabrics, like corduroy, raw silk, and suede. your patterns are geometric shapes, and the design lines contain angles, points, collars up, sleeves pushed up, notched lapels, shoulder pads, straight skirts.


substantial necklaces and bracelets that make a statement
made of copper, hammered gold, wood, bronze, dirty turquoise, yellow diamonds pointed, angled, asymmetrical shapes



purses are textured with firm fabrication, angled, square, or rectangle shapes
belts in textured leather, with gold or copper hardware, no skinny belts

your scarves should be textured, substantial, rich colors
shoes with pointed or square toe, chunky heel, gold or copper accents, leather shoes and boots
buttons gold or copper colored, angled or square shapes, substantial
eyeglasses gold or copper, tortoise shell, angled, square, or rectangle shapes