I’m always on the lookout for the perfect bra for specific types of clothing. This spring I’ll be wearing sheer tops and, of course, my standard fitted tee shirt, jeans, and statement necklace. Would be nice to have a body shaping & smoothing bra that does the job but isn’t uncomfortable. Now that would be something worth investing in. I want to talk to you about a shapewear bra I’ve just discovered that actually smooths the back bulges and feels good enough to wear all day or night!

I was approached recently by Staci Berner, co-founder of Shapeez, and she asked if I would test and write a review of one of their bras. I said yes because I’m interested in discovering great new products for my readers. In order for Staci to send me a bra to review I had to figure out my Shapeez bra size by following the Sizing Guide video instructions on their website. I admit I was a little skeptical as I normally recommend that women go into a lingerie store to get properly fitted, but I went along with the online instructions.

When I received the bra just a couple days later I was pleasantly surprised that the Tankee Long Bra fit perfectly — I mean the cup size was right on, without any bulges or gaps, and the smoothing fabric that covers the midsection was not too tight, not too loose. So I set about looking in my closet for a sheer top or even a tight top that shows back or waistline bulges. Interestingly, I had just received a Covered Perfectly Wrap-Over Top and the sheer micromodal fabric was showing a little back bulge with my regular bra so I put on the Covered Perfectly top.

GONE!!! My back and side bulges disappeared with the Tankee. And, honestly, I stayed in the Tankee all morning and into late afternoon without any tightness, heat, or pinching. I forgot I had it on! That never happens. I’m sensitive to spandex that supports too tightly and causes me to get a stomachache. But this Shapeez bra was comfortable and the “Smoothing Control” fabric that covers the midsection was soft and breathable. I ate lunch wearing the Tankee and wasn’t tight on my stomach.

Here are some of the features of the Tankee Long:

  • This style was designed for cut-in tank tops
  • Tankee has the lowest back of all the bras
  • The back arm, the shoulder line, and the straps were all brought inward to expose more of the back shoulder blade area so it is seamless with summer tops and dresses

Here’s the advantage of the Tankee design as it was explained to me: Smoothing from the top down as in a Shapeez back and tummy smoothing bra is better than anything you put on from the bottom up because when you have bottoms meant to slim, you will always have another issue at the top where the elastic waist ends, i.e., muffin top. So while it may slim the lower tummy, you then have a back roll or upper tummy bulge. Shapeez bras are A-line at the hem so it never rolls up so you’ll be smooth and seamless shoulder to hip.

The Tankee Long is not for the women who needs extra shaping support — I believe that would be The Ultimate. They have several designs, such as The Ultimate with more shaping power, a shorter back smoothing bra, Demi Push-up styles, Minimizer bras, and The Sportee for athletic activities. I understand there are stores in the U.S. and Canada that carry these bras and there is a store locator on the website. If you don’t believe me, here are some Before & After Photos of Happy Shapeez Customers!

I recommend the Shapeez bra for those who are looking for smoothing and shaping features without discomfort. With spring here and summer on the way, who needs to feel cinched up, pinched, and perspiring all in the name of fashion? There is a way to look your best, feel confident and beautiful, and still be comfortable! If you’d like to explore the Shapeez Products, please use this 15% off discount code provided by Staci. Just enter “LindaWaldon15” at checkout.

Here I am wearing the Tankee Long for one of my Monday Mornings LIVE Videos underneath a sheer Joie silk blouse and flowy maxi skirt. I was completely smooth everywhere!

If you’d like to explore the Shapeez Products, please use this 15% off discount code provided by Staci. Just enter “LindaWaldon15” at checkout.