The feedback I hear most often from my clients is that they’re saving money on clothes because when they buy just one new piece of clothing, like a skirt or pair of pants, they can make seven NEW outfits!  That’s because all the clothes in their closet are in the same color palette, so the colors can easily be mixed and matched.

If you’re concerned about limiting your choice of colors, and you think it’s boring to have all your clothes revolve around one color palette, I will tell you that when when I look in most womens’ closets these days, I see mostly BLACK!  How boring is that?

When you build your wardrobe around the neutrals, basics, and accent colors in your color palette, you will be able to have a relatively small wardrobe and still have a huge number of potential outfits.

And, the best part is opening your closet to see a mosaic of colors woven together in harmonious patterns.  Here’s a friend’s closet, who is a COPPER (Autumn), with her neatly arranged sweaters that look like geological layers of the earth, and a work of art!


Her commitment to buying sweaters in her colors has resulted in a very pleasing collection of sweaters that must make her smile every time she opens her closet.  It’s the simple things that really make a difference in our lives…

The color palette for SILVER (Winters) looks like a box of Crayola crayons with all its bold, dramatic primary colors. 

These clean, intense colors include neutral colors of White, Black, Navy, Gray, Taupe, and a collection of light, “icy” colors that can be paired with the basic colors of True Red, True Green, and Burgundy, and accent colors like Hot Turquoise, Lemon Yellow, and Magenta.

BUT TAKE IT EASY PAIRING THESE COLORS!  Limit bold colors to one or two colors in any one outfit, and use neutral colors as your foundation.

Imagine having all these beautiful, color-coordinated SILVER colors in your wardrobe, and you purchase a Brown sweater.  Other than pairing the brown sweater with jeans or neutral black pants, it will clash with most of your clothes.  Not to mention how washed out and pale you might look!

Bottom line:  when you buy clothes in one color palette, you will be able to mix and match more easily, and you’ll end up with more outfits!