Are you making a great first impression every time you meet someone new?  Did you know that we make a judgment about a person within the first 10 seconds?

 Confident Woman

Here are 5 easy tips to get you back on track to making a positive first impression:

  1. Wear a color that always gets you compliments. We all know what those colors are, and if you don’t, you need to find out!
  2. Pick out one or two accessories that pull your outfit together, such as a necklace, scarf, or bracelet.  Even if you’re wearing a t-shirt and jeans, a necklace will give you a chic, artsy appearance.  I guarantee people will notice!
  3. Wear shoes in a bright color that POPS your outfit — try red, green, or mustard yellow!
  4. Wear makeup, even if it’s just mascara, blush, and a colored lip gloss.  It will make your face look more expressive, and mascara will highlight your eyes. We all know the eyes are the windows to the soul.
  5. Smile at strangers (not in a weird way, a friendly way). Did you know that the human brain prefers a smile?  A smile actually changes our brain chemistry in a positive way.  It makes a great first impression, as you appear more open and engaging.