Let’s face it, ladies, after a certain age we’re all experiencing some form of the apple shape! Whether it’s weight gain in the tummy area, enlarging bust line (or maybe they just seem larger because gravity isn’t doing its job anymore), or a waistline that is slowly disappearing. With warmer weather on the horizon it’s time to think again about donning a bathing suit and going to the beach to enjoy the sunshine and water. It’s also time to throw on a lightweight summery dress in a gorgeous color that flatters your body while keeping you cool.

I find that springtime is the most challenging especially if you’ve been layered up all winter with weighty wools and flannel. All of a sudden you’re exposed again and those pale arms and legs are going to be out there for all to see! I’m right there with you! So, every year around this time I take an inventory with my style clients and we look at their wardrobe to make sure they have the right dresses, tops, bathing suits, and coverups for the anticipated warm weather and inevitable pool or beach party.

When you have an apple shape you may be struggling with how to cover up and camouflage the midsection without adding the illusion of more weight with all the loose clothing.

What is the apple shape anyway?

  • A rounder midsection and you tend to gain weight in the tummy area
  • You probably have great arms and legs that have stayed shapely and thin
  • Your bust area is average to large
  • Your smallest area is usually just under the bust
  • Your waistline is a bit thicker than it used to be

If you’re “vertically challenged” this adds to the mystery of how to create a long silhouette with your clothes. So, your strategies are as follows:

  • Create the illusion of a waistline because this is how you can slim your body
  • Elongate your torso with v-necks and vertical lines (horizontal lines are challenging!)
  • De-emphasize your stomach area with diagonal lines, wraps, and empire waist designs that fit under the bust and flow away from the tummy
  • Use color and gorgeous statement accessories to draw attention upward to your neckline and face
  • Wear the highest chunky heel, platform, or wedge you can handle to give you more height
  • Use long layers with lightweight coverups and kimonos to create a long, lean look
  • Oh, and always wear the best supportive bra you can find to lift “the girls”

Here are some pieces for the apple shape this summer, including some cute bathing suits that fit and flatter in all the right places. I’m showing a few dresses, a few cute tops, and some swimsuits and coverups. They all have in common a flattering silhouette for apple shapes. Please note that these are affiliate links and when you purchase an item it won’t cost you a penny more, but I will receive a very small commission from Macy’s. I appreciate your support!

Cold-Shoulder A-line Dress from Macy’s comes in Smoked Salmon, Ink, Black, Gray, and Mauve (*Aff Link)

Draped Faux Wrap Dress in Cream Blush from Charter Club Macy’s (*Aff Link)

Ralph Lauren Layered Dress (comes in tomato red, cyan blue and black from Macy’s (*Aff Link)

Tie Front Denim Shirt from Macy’s (*Aff Link)

Ralph Lauren Layered Dress (comes in tomato red, cyan blue and black from Macy’s (*Aff Link)

Max Studio London Wrap Top from Macy’s (*Aff Link)

Plus Size Crochet Suit from Macy’s (*Aff Link)

Miraclesuit Tummy-Control Polka Dot Print Swimsuit from Macy’s (*Aff Link)

Padded Criss Cross Back Tankini from Rosewe (*Aff Link)

Polka Dot SwimDress & Panty from Rosewe (*Aff Link)

Caftan Bleu By Rod Beattie from Macy’s (*Aff Link)

Caftan in Pink Bleu by Rod Beattie from Macy’s (*Aff Link)

How prepared are you for the warm weather? What pieces are you looking for that would round out your summer wardrobe? What’s the most difficult piece for you to find? Please share your comments below — it’s sometimes a little tricky to leave a comment as you have to prove you’re a human and not a robot, but please try!! I really appreciate your comments, suggestions, and feedback.