Spring Is A Time For Renewal

The thing that’s great about being fifty and older is that you’ve seen many cycles of life and can appreciate the concept of rebirth and regeneration that occurs in your life. If you’re having a bad day, you know that chances are tomorrow will be better! If your loved one falls ill, you know that there is hope he/she will be healthy again. It’s knowing that whatever happens in life, it is all meant to be and everything will work out the way it is meant to unfold. The cycle of life. We women know it well. It’s knowing that springtime follows dark, cold winter nights, and the crocus bulbs will start peaking out of the dirt soon, and tulips will shoot their rainbows of vibrant colors into the air. Every spring flower joins in celebration of the warmth, light, and vibrancy of spring and celebration of life!

Every spring, Pantone, the authority on color, and the fashion industry renew their parade of colors and dare you to try out a new color you’ve never worn before. Here’s the thing about new colors – some may be perfect for you and others you can let sail on by. Color is so individual that once you know your best colors you will be attracted to them like bees to spring nectar. I encourage you to explore and try new colors – curiosity is the fountain of youth. You never know what will be your next favorite color to wear! I’ve got some Spring Color ideas for you in this month’s STYLE TRENDS TO WATCH!

I’m excited for my Northern Hemisphere girlfriends who have been shivering in below zero weather to get outside and enjoy the tingling warm rays of spring. This season is particularly energetic, hopeful, and celebratory. It’s time to get outside, move your body, go on a picnic or bike ride, and just enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

Speaking of enjoyment, I hope you enjoy the first issue of Ageless Style. I have filled this issue with interesting women (Bea Rigsby Kunz is an impressive business woman, wonderful mother, and style icon), style tips that will boost your confidence, stories about our most beloved member and first-time selfie posters, and products and services I recommend. Please give me your feedback (as I know you will!) and help me create the kind of “rag” you anticipate each month and devour with joy. I want to over-exceed your expectations and delight you with style news and a feeling of community.

You can reach me via email at linda@truecolorsbylinda.com. I would love to hear from you!

Love and Light,